The flowers of O. kilimandscharicum were visited abundantly by Amegilla zonata (L.) followed by …

Die Art ist in Australien heimisch,[5] wurde aber auch in Papua-Neuguinea, Indonesien, Osttimor, Malaysia und Indien gesichtet, wobei letztere Sichtungen sich auch auf falsch identifizierte Exemplare ähnlicher Arten beziehen könnten, wie beispielsweise Amegilla zonata. The species is distinguished from A. zonata and other Southeast Asian, blue-banded Amegilla. , highlighting the relative advantage such aggregations provide.The burrows branch into individual cells, which are lined by secretions from the Dufour’s gland that later solidify into a waxy layer 16 Bees like A. zonata are particularly important as their target flowers may not be able to be pollinated without this buzz pollination. Systematics and phylogeny of the anthophorine bees (Hymenoptera: Anthophoridae; Anthophorini).

Downloaded on 27 October 2020. Ascher, J.

Fig 13. Biodiversity, Conservation, Ecosystems & Forest, Insects, To access this item, please sign in to your personal account. subpubescens fusca, abdomine cingulis quatuor caeruleis. (n.d.). 8. may even be seen nesting together 1

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They are largely similar to and can be confused with bees of genus Anthophora, but Amegilla is easily differentiated by its lack of arolia, which are padlike projections between the tarsal claws 3 . Engel, M. S. (2007). Integument of head black except as follows: flagellum brown except ventral surface of scape yellow; outer surface of mandible yellow (Fig. Phylogeny of Tribe Anthophorini, obtained from Dubitzky, 2007, Apical margins of abdominal segments 1-4 covered in metallic blue hair (see Fig 2), Yellow markings along labrum, clypeus, base of mandibles, and medial line across head (see Fig 3), Brown, short hairs on thoracic segments (see Fig 3), Apex of (male) gonostyle quadrate, bent inwards (see Fig 4). [1] Diese Bienen sind sehr wichtig für die Nahrungsmittelproduktion und tragen zu mindestens 30 % der Ernte in Australien bei. 11. Retrieved November 4, 2014, from. The species is distinguished from A. zonata and other Southeast Asian, blue-banded Amegilla. , and Galphimiaglauca (Fig. To access this article, please, Access everything in the JPASS collection, Download up to 10 article PDFs to save and keep, Download up to 120 article PDFs to save and keep.

Amegilla zonata is a trap-lining bee 9 JSTOR®, the JSTOR logo, JPASS®, Artstor®, Reveal Digital™ and ITHAKA® are registered trademarks of ITHAKA. This functionality is provided solely for your convenience and is in no way intended to replace human translation. Apical half of mandible brown; facial markings as depicted in figure 5. In Singapore, A.zonata can be observed visiting flowers such as Melastomamalabathricum (Fig. 1, 3, 5), Sakaerat [Sakaerat Environmental Research Station (101°55′E, 14°30′N), about 40 km S of Nakon Ratchasima (Korat) in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand] DDF [dry deciduous forest], 20 June 1995. (n.d.).

Forewing with cu-a nearly confluent with basal vein; marginal cell length slightly less than length from marginal cell apex to wing apex; l rs-m entering second submarginal cell just distal cell midlength; 2rs-m entering third submarginal cell near cell apex; combined lengths of second and third submarginal cells greater than length of first submarginal cell; length of anterior border of second submarginal cell about one-half length of anterior border of third submarginal cell; posterior length of second submarginal cell approximately equal to posterior length of third submarginal cell. 3 Murali, S., Dhananjaya, P., Reddy, G. N., & Vinayaka, T. (2013). Male, Malaysia, Lasah, [5 June 1974], C.G. 1, 3). It has been suggested that pheromones released from the Dufour’s gland into the excavated soil may attract other females to nest 12 Amegilla bees. , which means that it regularly visits the same flowers for food. Biodiversity, Insects (Taxonomy),

Während der Nacht klammern sich Männchen an Pflanzenstängel. Thyreus ceylonicus (Friese, 1905). Blue-banded Bee (Amegilla zonata) have been recorded in Terengganu. 2, 4, 6), Malaysia, Taiping, Perak, ii/iii.1989 [February-March 1989], K.C. The mission In the Oriental region there is a large diversity of blue-banded species that are frequently confused with each other, typically being identified as the relatively widespread Amegilla zonata (Linnaeus). Amegilla zonata (Linnaeus, 1758). 5) (scape with only a small apical spot of yellow on the ventral the new species can be most easily recognized from A. zonata by the different facial markings (cf. Kato, M. (1996). , highlighting the relative advantage such aggregations provide. Callin Switzer, Katja Hogendoorn, Sridhar Ravi, Stacey Combes:, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“.

Like most Anthophorine bees, .
Biodiversity & Science, Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Insects (Ecology), new species, belongs to the zonata group of species and can be most readily confused with the widespread A. zonata (Linnaeus). .

Quadrate gonostyle on the male (Photo: Chua Si Hao), White hairs stretch from hind femur to tibia, Fig 14. Herein I describe a new species of this zonata species group (= Zonamegilla in the classification of Brooks, 1988: alternatively, Michener, 2000, eliminated the subgeneric classification of Amegilla) from western Malaysia and southern Thailand. It has been found to be especially important in tropical rainforest understories, which lack the large quantities of eusocial bees normally found in forest canopies 9 of Academies of Science, and is affiliated with the American Association for (n.d.).

Thyreus bees break into the cells of the host nest, oviposit in it, and seal it back up with earth.


Neither BioOne nor the owners and publishers of the content make, and they explicitly disclaim, any express or implied representations or warranties of any kind, including, without limitation, representations and warranties as to the functionality of the translation feature or the accuracy or completeness of the translations. Ocimum kilimandscharicum Guerke an important medicinal plant of Jammu and Kashmir, India was found to be pollinated by insects belonging to 4 orders, 8 families and 14 species. Metasomal terga imbricate, sterna faintly imbricate; terga with faint, small punctures separated by 1-3 times a puncture width. Biodiversity & Conservation, Insects (Ecology), Ascher, J.

Die Gattung Amegilla enthält mehr als 250 weitere Arten, von denen jedoch einige kaum von A. cingulata zu unterscheiden sind, was zu häufigen Verwechslungen führt.

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