He has taught history, writing, literature, and philosophy at the college level. Setna travels to her villa where he is eager to get to the business at hand but Taboubu has some stipulations. This Egyptian Goddess had many lovers. Learn about the elemental Goddesses of Earth, Air, Wind and Fire. Personally I think of her as a panther. She was native to Bubastis in the Nile River delta but also had an important cult at Memphis. As they travel by river to Bubastis, whenever they come near any other town they bring their boat near the bank; then some of the women do as I have said, while some shout mockery of the women of the town; others dance, and others stand up and lift their skirts. He has never seen any woman more beautiful in his life and sends her a note asking her to come to his bed for ten gold pieces but she returns a counter-offer telling him to meet her at the Temple of Bastet in Saqqara where she lives and he will then have all he desires. Wilkinson writes: The goddess's popularity grew over time and in the Late Period and Graeco-Roman times she enjoyed great status. As Bastet was the goddess of cats, she was usually depicted with a cat head and an ankh (the Egyptian symbol of life). A stone wall, carven with figures, runs round it; within is a grove of very tall trees growing round a great shrine, wherein is the image of the goddess; the temple is a square, each side measuring a furlong. In this story, Bastet takes on the form of a beautiful woman to punish a wrong-doer who had violated a tomb but the story would also have been cautionary to men who viewed women only as sexual objects in that they could never know whether they were actually in the presence of a goddess and what might happen should they offend her.

The shadow side of this goddess may be asking you to reflect honestly on the cost of these victories. The festival of Bastet was also described by Herodotus who claimed it was the most elaborate of all the religious festivals of Egypt with large crowds participating in unrrestrained dancing, drinking, and revelry. (178). Bastet was the daughter of Ra, sister of Sekhmet, the wife of Ptah, and the mother of Mihos. These ceramic vessels used to hold expensive perfumes. She was connected with perfumes as she shares a hieroglyph with that which represented the bas jar. They associated Apollo with Horus, the son of Isis (Heru-sa-Aset) and so called the goddess known as Bast ba'Aset (Soul of Isis) which would be the literal translation of her name with the addition of the second 'T' to denote the feminine (Aset being among the Egyptian names for Isis).

A freelance writer and former part-time Professor of Philosophy at Marist College, New York, Joshua J. This Goddess is also identified with "Nubian cat," depicted with the body of a spotted cat and the head of a Nubian woman. She carryied an ankh, representing the breath of life and papyrus wand symbolizing Lower Egypt. The main cult centre of this deity was the city of Bubastis - Tell Basta - in the eastern Delta, and although only the outlines of the temple of Bastet now remain, Herodotus visited the site in the 5th century BC and praised it for its magnificence. Geraldine Pinch claims that "her name probably means She of the Ointment Jar" as she was associated with protection and protective ointments (115). Perhaps this is why she was also said to give protection against contagious diseases as many of the perfume ingredients were plant materials with healing properties. The most obvious understanding would be that, originally, the name meant something like She of the Ointment Jar (Ubaste) and the Greeks changed the meaning to Soul of Isis as they associated her with the most popular goddess in Egypt.
Bastet, also called Bast, ancient Egyptian goddess worshiped in the form of a lioness and later a cat. Bastet was so popular that, in 525 BCE, when Cambyses II of Persia invaded Egypt, he made use of the goddess to force the Egyptian's surrender. Bastet appears early in the 3rd millennium BCE in her form as an avenging lioness in Lower Egypt. In Bastet's association with Mau, she is sometimes seen destroying the enemy of Ra, Apophis, by slicing off his head with a knife in her paw; an image Mau is best known by. Ancient History Encyclopedia Foundation is a non-profit organization. As noted, she was as popular among men as women in that every man had a mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, or daughter who benefited from the care Bastet provided. She holds him off, however, and tells him that his children must be sent for and must also sign the documents agreeing to this so that there will be no problems with the legal transference. Bastet was extremely popular throughout Egypt with both men and women from the Second Dynasty of Egypt (c. 2890 - c. 2670 BCE) onward with her cult centered at the city of Bubastis from at least the 5th century BCE.

Both Bastet and Sekhmet took their early forms as feline defenders of the innocent, avengers of the wronged, from Mafdet. Her name therefore probably means "She of the ointment jar." Strictly Tabubue: The Legacy of an Egyptian Femme Fatale by Steve Vinson, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike.

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