Plucky and purposeful, See You Around is at once soothing and sweeping, a testament to practiced musicianship and the power of collaboration, a chief value in bluegrass/acoustic scenes. “Untangled, finally,” St. Louis sings. Over producer LHK’s crawling drum machines, Obi expertly unveils his bruised emotions through technical proficiency. A lot of work probably went into the writing of “Ethereal”. Yet there’s a droll undertone to parts of For My Crimes, along with its darker themes. The superb video shot by Nathan Barlow & Stephanie Naughter features Jafaris in an array of colourful scenes and settings and totally enhances the track. After all, it takes more than an empty house to feel like home. But the easily chantable chorus is bound to make membership feel inclusive when yelled at crowds. Distorted vocal repeats, rounded bass frequencies and slow filter sweeps give the track its distinctive vibe. Compelling lyrics and a catchy hook is the name of the game here. As she has so often in her career, Baez transmutes a ragged male growl into a sweeter, more evenly phrased, more palatable rendition. DELI DAYDREAMS by KojaqueDELI DAYDREAMS by Kojaque. More to the point, the soothing “Seagulls of Seattle,” “Morning Storm,” Mushrooms,” and “The River Song” find him maintaining that easy allure through meandering melodies and nuanced narratives. Among the most explorative of the new material on TRM’s The How, ‘Head Full Of Gold’ incorporates plenty of elements from modern dance music. But as fans eagerly awaited a follow-up, the sisters slowly broke down. This song serves as evidence of that, with the title chiding U2's apolitical pacifism (see "Sunday Bloody Sunday" above) and the lyrical plea to a lover veiling a surprisingly levelheaded indictment of English violence waged against the Irish. McKenna’s attention to detail, and the way she makes universal sentiments suddenly, and piercingly, specific, are why her songs are special enough to have earned the deep respect of her fellow folk singers, and to have caught the ear of the big-ticket country stars who have recorded them, including Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Little Big Town. The 20 Best Irish Rap Songs of 2018. Once the song kicks in proper though it’s unmistakeably math rock, with TRM’s ultra-tight rhythm sections dancing in and out of new sections and ideas. Flowing over the kind of steel pan-driven, future-cop production style that would make Young Thug fall to his knees, the tuba-voiced star toasts his recent rise. Dubliner Dec Lennon’s propulsive and jaunty electro-stomper has crowds across Europe singing its instrumental hook and was just one in an embarrassment of riches of great tunes for Krystal Klear this year. —Jim Vorel, The entrancingly beautiful folk-pop that Karen and Don Peris have been releasing for the past three decades under the name The Innocence Mission is a monument to a simpler way. So why not peruse our list of the best Irish songs ever written? Roe calls her music “Grumpy Electro Pop” but it’s a lot less dour than that descriptor sounds. The track’s first half is distinctly folky, with Carney’s hushed vocals over a lone acoustic guitar. Learn more about our use of cookies: cookie policy, Premiere: Loah’s remix EP comes to a close with Elaine Mai’s uplifting dance remix. The 10 songs that make up abysskiss toggle from intoxicating love to somber grief and it spans many feelings in between. Instead, there’s a gentle weight of experience that permeates the album’s lyrics, a freshly sharpened edge of cynicism. Get news, recommendations and Nialler9 events to your inbox. One of the city’s finest purveyors of tunes. —Eric R. Danton, Marissa Nadler doesn’t get nearly enough credit for having a sense of humor. A Spotify playlist of our Irish songs of 2018. He’ll slow his voice to a deliberate crawl before speeding up into a more double-time flow. The How by The Redneck ManifestoThe How by The Redneck Manifesto. “Akulalake” is taken from his album Bluebird, which you should run to immediately. Go green with the very best Irish movies that capture the glory and grit of the Emerald Isle and its people. The Massachusetts songwriter is just singing the truth as she knows it, which is well enough: she’s a mother of five who has been married to the same man for 30 years and still lives in the town where she was born. But “Last Night” is his most impressive showcase – a song that builds a shadowy landscape with one of our best young rap artists exploring every contour. We are, after all, dealing with an artist who has incisively written on the topic of dreams. ‘Found My Feet’ is notable in that it arrives with a focused urgency, as well as African tribal and percussive beats, the combination of which make for a unique, cohesive sound totally unique to him. 10. Among the nostalgia (God even references Sister Sister) are memories of casual racism, shocking in how common an occurrence he makes them sound. Regardless of one's fame, no one is protected from the incisively political folk-rocker's critical lens. The album also includes two more songs by Josh Ritter, a writer she’s been covering since 2003. The Top 100 Irish Greatest Songs of All Time – Full List. Eminent Irish-folk institution the Dubliners and its rousing edition of "Molly Malone" share one thing in common: staying power. There are so, so many great Irish songs to choose from! The lo-fi digital folk is destined to exist both in the nether regions of bandcamp, plattered for solo listening, and on portable speakers, to be played at sunny picnics and outdoor respites. The delightful dinner-party-set video for “Ring Tang Ring Toon” pretty much sums up all of Magic Ship’s warm and fuzzy feelings: Friends dance in a field, dine by candlelight and offer to help each other with the dishes. Strolling through is the engrossing presence of BoyW1DR. ‘Shrubbery’ is our favourite. Friday March 19th 2021 —Ellen Johnson, Big Thief singer Adrianne Lenker excels by tapping into the core of the human soul in the most tender, gentle and vivid way possible and her new solo LP, absysskiss, is no exception. Seeing him tour all over North America, the UK and grow a big fanbase back home, including two Dublin shows at Vicar Street this year and four sold-out shows in the Olympia in May. All rights reserved. There was just too much good stuff we couldn’t ignore. Averaging nearly an album a year, this Aussie native still manages to create beautifully memorable melodies that ring with universal truths. Conor O’Brien definitively maps out the tone of The Art Of Pretending To Swim with its opening track. R.Kitt’s ‘Breakboy’ is the perfect kind of electronica. Human by Kitt PhilippaHuman by Kitt Philippa. —Ellen Johnson, Mount Eerie’s album Now Only is devastating in the way that most albums aren’t. Mike Skinner once ordered his disciples to lock down their aerial – a tower block rallying call that nodded to the pirate radio stations that once bumped the structures up and down. So rest assured that the gritty pub growl in tunes like this drunken anthem come from genuine house-band beginnings playing to hordes of shitfaced bar crawlers. Sure, the militaristic snare beat calls to mind an army drumline and the lyrics chronicle the titular Irish tragedy's bloodshed—the mass civilian killing from the Troubles known as Bloody Sunday—but the tune's not a rally cry for armed resistance. Kudos to Kaytranda for providing the perfect woozy meets melancholy beat to match Snow’s own lyrical content. There were so many great Irish songs we left off this list that I was starting to feel bad about it, until I reminded myself that we put Irish music on the same level of quality and judgement as our international features, so any time a song features on Nialler9, Irish or otherwise, that means we truly love it and support it. She rarely uses drums, which sometimes gives the impression that her songs are untethered to anything more than her voice. The sprawling track takes nearly four whole minutes to ‘drop’, yet you never even realise you’re being taken on such a journey until the first thud of the second kick drum. ‘Glow’ is influenced by the emotions that surround arguing with those close to you and embodies a powerful energy with emotive synths, tribal beats and soul-stirring vocals from Aoife McCann. 50. Catch them live at our Christmas Party on Saturday in The Workman’s. A welcome return. Here’s 20 of the best songs to prove it. I’ve seen NUXSENSE live three times and I still know next-to-nothing about them. Emerging as a recording artist just this year, BoyW1DR dropped a number of loosies and any one of them could have made this list. So popular and well-known, in fact, that it was covered by Metallica years later. Volunteer, which was recorded at RCA Studio A in Nashville and produced by Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson), is an album that projects its rustic references, all etched with nostalgia and songs that offer reasons for return to the pleasures of front-porch existence. Ruins, written largely in Joshua Tree, where the sisters hunkered down after the dissolution of Klara’s engagement, is a more mature record. ‘Hooly’ from their earlier EP, Bavarian Nights, once again displays the pair’s deft command of dance music textures and elements, building a sprawling electronic disco track from ’80s drum hits, arp bassline and cowbell. But you didn’t need memories of London in 2001 to groove to the dramatic programmed strings that punctuate Mango’s signature growls. Her voice is warm and frank, and her understated, mostly acoustic musical arrangements never overshadow lyrics in which she almost always manages to say the right thing. Their fortified voices, plus Watkins’ fiddle, O’Donovan’s guitar, and Jarosz’s mandolin, mesh in a familial way—it’s a wonder they aren’t sisters. Personal tracks only go about as far as the personality behind them and the Rusangano Family rapper paints a rich depiction of an old friendship that’s easy to engage with.

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