So in case you are interested in learnig how to get to a "new Level" I could give you some tips. As Grainne said, it probably has problems between EU/US. To prevent clutter, they could be displayed only via user input to show more. Wondering - now that they changed the way pet battles work, would it be doable to add the pet trainer names in brackets beside the quest name? All that info is now hosted on a Trello board for Xu-Fu! Meaning stuff like Family Battler - IE: Zuldazar quest for "Small Beginnings" - Show it as either "Zujai - Small Beginnings", or "Small Beginnings (Zujai)". there already is a version for rematch working in SL. i have a question. I'm a professional software developer and I work with GitHub everyday. when i was looking at my strat it said OP what does that mean? changing/working on your strategies and strategy curating in general. My collection doesn't get updated properly. Personally I prefer GitLab as it has more features. There was an error on the webpage. Your accuracy was 100 %. Game Over You ran out of lives!

Forgive me if I missed it, Will there be a Rematch and TDbattle scripts functional during Prepatch/Shadowlands? Upcoming Project: Database Restructure (15%)4. It works fine now :). 5. Looks like I have an advantage on my home turf. Shell Shield 3. It was showing the date as the 17th when it was still the 16th here in the US. how can i login now? I'm honestly bemused by requests for mobile-friendliness in this context. OP = Original Poster, which as the poster of the strat, refers to you. Simply type the URL of the video in the form below. A linked group of similar crabs, starting with Kelp Scuttler, does not have their abilities aligned.

Mudslide 8. just all screen faded. I don't know if something like this is possible, but a suggestion -. Kommentar von Drakkena So I saw this and I have to thank the person who mentioned using the Dream Whelp however I solo'd this World Quest just with my Emerald Proto-Whelp. Some people also don't like to alt + tab if they only have one monitor. Sorry for that! Upcoming Project: New Ready-Check Tool (5%), 3. You can see it in this strategy: Thank you for a quick fix! Surge and Scales should die 9. For some reason not all of them are listed in the basic WoW UI. Upcoming Project: Pet Cards (0%)6. Would also like to mention that last night, the widget's date was off as well for me. Shell Shield 8. Small Beginnings; Quotes. Hobbyist Aquarist Emperor Crab (2/2/1), Emerald Turtle (1/1/1), Tundra Penguin (1/2/1) 1. Surge 4. On my main, I have done all the … 10. Here is my problem: When I am looking at a strategy on my touch screen device, in Google Chrome for Android 80.0.3987.162 and click on the alternatives. I had a moth as the third pet, but didn't need it. Surge 2. love the site and want to submit my bug report. You might want to proof-read your comments before posting them. But I also understand that it's a bit of work to migrate this project to GitLab etc. Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. Working for me, which one exactly and where does it lead you to? It should be all back to normal now. Yes it is fixed, hurrah!

For example, if the Kelp Scuttler is listed with the skills 1 1 2, when you scroll through the rest of the group, they are all listed as skills 2 2 2, while they should be the same as the first one. VERY IMPORTANT. Comment by Palatinia I beat her pretty easily with Iron Starlette (1,2,1) and Chrominius (2,1,2). I know for me, half the time I don't remember what I was looking at when I move to a different screen. glad i'm not the only one now ;). You successfully completed rounds.. The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website!

when i'm not at home during the week (which is usually the case if not for the current quarantine stuff) and not always have access to a pc or tablet i'm sometimes forced to do strategy reworking on my phone... and that really isn't pleasant at all.

Water Jet 4. Upcoming Project: Rematch Mass Export (0%), 6. 2020-06-17 - Task List before Trello2019-10-20 - Finished new landing page2018-07-08 - Dynamic Alternatives finished2018-06-12 - Battle Tables 2.0 released2018-04-16 - Finished Project: Article Editor. If Headbutt stunned you, pass 11. Table of Contents:1. For some reason not all of them are listed in the basic WoW UI. Surge 6. Water Jet 7. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. Surge 5. Any idea why it's like this? [b]bold[/b] - [i]italic[/i] - [u]underline[/u]. If I try to scroll down it reacts to the first touch and immediately closes the menu even if I press directly on the scroll bar. Here it says I have 539 pets at max level, and 25 uncommon pets, while when checking my collection on warcraftpets website it tells me I have 555 at max level and 18 uncommon pets. It does the same thing even if I request the desktop site version in my browser.Very annoying because I cannot see all the alternatives. Upcoming Project: Pet Trading Tool (0%)7. Water Jet 6. (I really should bring down my second monitor and find the adaptor and set it up again.) In case of hard-coded passwords and stuff there are simple methods how to handle it, e.g. Comments. With private repositories your code is not public and not visible to others. 19 Comments (EN). So, what are you waiting for? There was an error fetching comments, please reload the page. Introduction2. Hi, are you aware of a bug that is effecting the site's Export Team feature? You are amazing! You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! Here's how it went down: The error message below seems to be injecting itself into the export, also every line now includes a BR HTML tag in addition to newline markup tag. Wir können damit die Seitennutzung auswerten, um nutzungsbasiert redaktionelle Inhalte und Werbung anzuzeigen. >>!Restart the fight if Feather's Nocturnal Strike doesn't miss!<< Hobbyist Aquarist Benax (1/1/1), turtle with Bite and Shell Shield, Moonshell Crab (1/1/2) 1. using .env files or simple array files. Also shows you trainers on your map. I’d like to report a bug, hope this is the right place. These 2 tools are no overkil for this "small project" as you called it in the beginning. What Do You Mean, Mind Controlling Plants.

What I can't imagine is the awkwardness of trying to use a phone screen instead.

Not too soon: To avoid duplicates, any achievement-specific (Plushie, Family and as it was suggested The Longest Day) strategy could be automatically linked in the "global" encounter list (still redirecting to family section after clicking). Both offer free code versioning for private repositories, Issue Tracking and more. Upcoming Project: Pet Cards (0%) Xu-Fu already has a database of all available pets with their skills, stats and additional info. 2. I have met all of the requirements you detailed, but I still don't get the pet battles in BFA. Upcoming Project: Database Restructure (15%), 4. Water Jet and Feathers should die 9. Upcoming Project: Pet Trading Tool (0%), 7.1 Working on: New Pet Tables in Articles (Finished July 28, 2020), 7.2 Project: Collection Comparison Tool (Finished April 10, 2020), 7.3 Project: News 2.0 (finished October 18, 2019), 7.4 Project: Article Editor (finished April 16, 2018), 7.5 Project: Battletable 2.0 (finished June 02, 2018), 7.6 Project: Dynamic Alternatives (finished July 01, 2018), 7.7 Project: User Strategies (finished August 01, 2018),,

Thank you. Zujai is a Zandalari troll located in Zuldazar. Upcoming Project: New Ready-Check Tool (5%)3. A menu comes up, but if there are too many alternatives on the menu I cannot scroll down the list. Zujai Lozu Grady Prett Bloodtusk Korval Darkbeard. Comment by scorpion8125 Hi, I have a problem. Water Jet 10. I use the same char for updating both profiles. This could be used to replace wowhead tooltips with built-in Xu-Fu pet tooltips that show more details about each pet, reduce loading times and give additional value to the tooltips. Objective of. The largest World of Warcraft (WoW) information site, featuring guides, news, and information on classes, professions, azerite, raids, transmog, and more. While I see mass exporting isn't a thing, will there at least be a functional addon to put in the updated strats?

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