said: more like your rich gay uncle that you haven’t seen in years and then he sends christmas cards with that pic printed on them to the whole family just to be messy, #this is very rushed and the colouring is so shit but KJHGF, #it feels like i haven't heard him in YEARS that laugh!

People know who he is, what he has done; they know. He came out, he talked about mental health, he wrote a book about it! And fuck, did it help people. A soft black sweater with an existential skull embroidered in reversible sequins - black on one side, silver on the other! literally Dan Howell. requested by @irresponsibleprocrastinator, Today during Phil’s liveshow I decided to try and recreate some of my favorite Dan and Phil outfits out of paper and I kinda love how they came out, when dan sang “you’re as important to us as we are to you” during ii he really meant it huh :(, the way everyone took the part of husbands and freaked everyone out, and honestly it took me by surprise, but it literally took me a 5 minute search to show that dan is just not comfortable with people being in his and phils life. Text. so yet again they took one part and went with it. dan howell Dan Howell attitude magazine danisnotonfire danisnotstraight he gives me serotonin bibliophile-bi. 2011 dan howell < > Most recent. Video. Comes in a regular and excitingly, a weighted version that feels like a warm hug - proven to help with anxiety, stress, sleeping and more! natigail Do y’all have any embarrassing gay stories? oh to be someone’s best friend, arch enemy, husband, business partner, partner in crime, soul mate, just mate, and who the fuck knows? 10 years added to my life span, #this was such a brillaint video phil is an incredible story teller as always, #it took an easy search to see that wasnt the case, #this reminds me of all the nonsense songs they used to make up, #they're basically the old woman in pride (2014) going 'where are my lesbians?'. Klingt perfekt Bäääh, das will ich nicht. dan and phil daniel howell danisnotonfire dan howell. hello everyone i have written a book about understanding your mental health - it’s deep it’s dark it’s personal it’ll make you laugh it’ll make you cry and it actually has profound professional advice that might completely change your life so please pre-order it thank you by curtis essel And he managed to build on this existing reputation beautifully, directing people towards mental health resources, lgbt resources, spilling so much of himself into his work that it touched the life of millions of people. I want him to tell his own story.” AKA King Shit. An Evolution? said: Requests are closed till next time thank yoooouuuu~, happy october 19 to best friends, arch enemies, husbands, business partners, partners in crime, soul mates, just mates and who the fuck knows only., ʇɐq ɐ ɯ,ᴉ ‘ʎǝqɐq ‘ʇɐq ɐ ɯ,ᴉ oɥooɥoɥ ǝɥǝɥǝɥ, no periods no commas just a sentence living in the moment,,,, However you spend these dark days I hope these items satiate your spirit and that you are well.

this is very rushed and the colouring is so shit but KJHGF, it took an easy search to see that wasnt the case.

you are welcome, #do you only rewatch dnpgames vids post quiff and curly hair or are u normal, #dnp really went okay let's give relationship advice as part of the show but only to the gays. Hello everyone. Ask.

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Most popular Most recent. sky-is-nervous. Filter by post type. I guess. Text. He’s got stubble, and longer hair, and he’s beautiful and elegant and fashionable while also still being distinctly OUR Dan. Dan Howell in ‘Attitude’ magazine’s November edition.

daniel howell for attitude magazine, november 2020. oh to be someone’s best friend, arch enemy, husband, business partner, partner in crime, soul mate, just mate, and who the fuck knows? you’re such a great wonderful guy and such an inspiration to me, I’m so glad you’re living your truth! This is my mainblog . A set of two pairs of sarcastic sport socks that will clearly communicate what kind of person you are. a little doodle i was working on today since i miss him a lot. Filter by post type.

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