The mission of Global Silicon Valley (GSV) Capital is to redefine growth investment by being the first VC to offer publicly traded securities to investors. Their main agenda is to serve as a middleman between innovators, higher learning institutions, and policymakers with the aim of solving issues faced by institutions of higher learning and vocational training. You’ll be surprised how many genuinely busy, important people are happy to help you for free if you approach them politely, with an interesting question or project. TAL is an leader in advancing education project in China. The Geonetric Building The AT&T Aspire Accelerator is focused on companies catering specifically to the student market .

Y Combinator is a leading accelerator that is interested in startups in AI, Edtech, Biotech and Hardware.

Recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under 35 by the United Nations, Neil Patel is one of the best known experts on online marketing. Focused on supporting transformational investments, over the 40 years of its operation, NEA has funded many edtech projects as part of their technology portfolio. Accelerators can be a great way for someone with no startup experience to quickly learn basic business skills, adopt the right lingo, and build their initial network. This diverse investment team is driven by a vision to empower entrepreneurs and assist them in solving the world’s most challenging problems. Theresa is a management student and team member of the 2017 class at beta|careers. Hardware Prototyping & Engineering Services, Through The Screen: Connecting Innovative Communities, Latest Intrapreneur Academy cohort focuses exclusively on Collins Aerospace, DeltaV launches new program for Iowans displaced by pandemic, Applications Opened on Monday, November 11, 2019, Applications Closed on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 11:59PM, Program Start Date: Monday, March 2, 2020, Program End Date: Friday, June 5, 2020 (EntreFEST). Edtech is a vibrant sector that sees new entries, all with innovations and ideas that seek to improve learning for greater academic success. BoomStartup focuses on education technology startups, offering them access to resources such as funding, mentors and leading industry experts. Utah is home to a vibrant Edtech startup scene and ecosystem. Telluride Venture Accelerator (TVA) is based in Mountain Village, Colorado. There are more accelerators with interest in edtech startups across the globe; this list just focuses on the North American Region. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. For example, a startup working on an app that helps international students feel at home in their university town would benefit from advice from a local government policy expert, a serial founder of software for universities, and an international student advisor. Applicants can receive funding of up to €500,000. Their team has worked with startups including Wistia, Zapier, and New Relic, and can guide you from initial customer research, through implementation of an effective pricing page, to ongoing analysis and optimization. Startups must be located in Iowa. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Its program accommodates needs of applicants at all stages of product development. Notable investments: Coursera, General Assembly, Chegg, Course Hero, EdSurge. Startups must be located in Iowa. Notable investments: Coursera, Udemy, AltSchool, General Assembly, ClassDojo, NoRedInk. Notable investments: The Minerva Project, Volley Labs, DaDaABC, Knowbox. If the primary benefit you are looking for is mentorship and connections, stop binging on accelerator promo videos and alumni interviews, and think about other ways you could get access to the same benefits without giving up equity. Their landing pages will overpromise, namedrop experts who are only indirectly involved.

Imagine K12 provides $100,000 of initial funding. If you target a market with multiple stakeholders, you may need regular expert help on your project. The key here is to be concise, and keep in mind what your mentor will get out of the interaction (this can be financial benefit, insight into a new industry, prestige of being associated with an impactful project, or even just enjoyment of helping an aspiring entrepreneur). Asia is the second largest, and the fastest growing e-learning market in the world. Startups enjoy the accelerators benefits in return for 6-9% equity stakes. Y Combinator and Imagine K12 both have an impressive portfolio of 50+startup companies. Its hands-on program capitalises on Finland’s superior standing in the field of education innovation, and the vast network of connections accessed through the Global Accelerator Network. The word ‘consulting’ may conjure up an image of overpaid, underslept suit-and-ties, milking their corporate clients for every penny. They have an interest in education startup ventures that offer students new transformative ideas and products. Here is a list of the 10 leading accelerators and incubators from the region. Each year, 10 startups enroll in a 90-day program where they get access to mentors, funding and development expertise. We also compiled a list of the top 9 edtech incubators and accelerators in Europe.

The incubator space offers a meeting ground for educators, edtech mentors and founders. They look for companies offering products that transform education and that the world needs! Your company will also need to join the US market. Can you achieve the growth VCs expect? If you want to keep up to date with developments in the field of EdTech make sure to subscribe to our newsletter! What is it? This means them not being able to help you after a radical pivot, or as your needs change over time, is not a pressing concern. But remember: Most of the well-funded startups you read about in the news will fail, and taking outside investment may not just accelerate, but lead to their fall. If you have a more established project with traction in some educational field, and you know it’s unlikely your product could make more impact in a different industry, an edtech accelerator can open doors to institutional clients, and connect you with mentors with years of industry experience.

© 2017 beta|careers Dieter Welfonder — All Rights Reserved. Before you seek investment, ask yourself the following questions: “But I’m in it for support, not the money!”, I hear you saying. Visit their website for further details on applying to the program. Expect to spend very good money, but you get what you pay for. A relative newcomer, Owl Ventures is a venture capital fund that invests exclusively in education technology companies. Email for application details for both programs. A good firm will be happy to refer you to a different consultant if you need help outside their field of expertise down the line. It’s a 3-month program. Established in 2014, Emerge Education is one of the most seasoned accelerators dedicated to the field of education. The fund invests in companies at all stages, primarily those rooted in the fields of healthcare and technology. Application Deadline: Applications are open, though very competitive for a standard fee of $299/month/team. Applications are currently open; each cohort batch starts at the beginning of every business quarter. For SEC accredited investors, get plugged in to Eastern Iowa's angel investor community and the region's best startups.

ABOUT THE PROGRAMME IMPACT EdTech … I know, it’s tempting to see that as a mark of success. Years of experience in providing tutoring to Chinese students give the company an edge in supporting initiatives seeing to enter this market. The next program will run from February to May 2018. The first cohort will be … The AT&T Aspire Accelerator and LearnLaunch Accelerator are pleased to share the recordings from this showcase … Many funds expressly avoid investing in solo founders. Applications are currently closed. A week-long focused all-online program for taking your Ed-tech business to the next stage. A less known player on the edtech map, xEdu is one of the rare reputable accelerators based outside of the major startup centres such as Silicon Valley, London, or Berlin. They fund companies that solve real issues facing education. They accept startups from other countries. His team has worked with startups including Airbnb and Facebook, and can help you with every aspect of digital marketing including paid advertising, search engine optimization, and social media. The Michelson Runway EdTech Accelerator program is designed to help entrepreneurs build relationships with institutional decision-makers in postsecondary education, perform research and … Notable alumni: CareerVillage, Quill, Earshot. Below is a list of consultancies that work with edtech startups, or specialize in fields that can be relevant to your needs as you expand: Our team at Edulift helps early-stage startups and solo founders make impact in edtech. Accelerator’s stellar track record encouraged Y Combinator to incorporate Imagine K12 in 2016 to form a specialised edtech focused vertical. Not a day goes by without another headline about this or that edtech startup raising millions and millions in venture capital funding. They have a 4-month long program where startups enjoy a list of benefits. Iowa EdTech Accelerator is an intensive, highly focused 14-week program aimed at early stage (pre- or early-revenue) companies. Therefore, startups applying must possess diverse minds with a genuine passion for education; they can also have just one founding member onsite if the rest of the team can’t be present. Valley Speak: Deciphering the Jargon of Silicon Valley, The Who’s and Whys of Your Startup Will Determine Whether it Lives or Dies, Without Stunning Customer Service, Your Business Will Never Be Great, Why Truly Multidisciplinary Teams Can Lead to Building Better Products, Corporate Responsibility 2.0 — Social Justice in Startups, Crowdfunding Helps Women Succeed in Tech Because Venture Capital Won’t. Foodtech startup? Price Intelligently, the company behind the popular financial analytics and customer retention tool ProfitWell, specialize at one thing only, but it might just be the most important aspect of your edtech business: Pricing. There’s only a handful of VC firms that specialize in education. Applications are currently closed for the winter 2018 program, which will run from January – March 2018. Give you access to a range of specialist mentors, and introduce you to relevant third-party contacts and potential clients. LearnLaunch Accelerator is the leading edtech startup program and network in the US. Its goal is to support innovations in higher education and career training. Together with Imagine K12, they are funding startups in edtech with innovative ideas and products for educators, learners and parents. Iowa EdTech Accelerator is proud to be part of GAN, a highly curated community of accelerators, all over the world. Notable investments: Lynda, WyzAnt, ResearchGate, FreshGrade, Grovo. BoomStartup has an impressive portfolio that includes Ardusat, Cleverywhere and iFlipd, which are among the top companies in the industry. The partners are especially keen to support entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds, and female-led companies constitute 42% of their portfolio.

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