[4] [5]. Landspout is a term created by atmospheric scientist Howard B. Bluestein in 1985 for a kind of tornado not associated with a mesocyclone. An EF1 Gustnado as it impacts Avellino, Campania, The Strongest Gustnado of the Outbreak as it impacts Sorrento and Massa Lubrense, Campania, The Second Powerful Gustnado that caused EF2 Damages in Benevento, Campania, A weak and short-lived Gustnado near Campobasso, Molise. The tornado continued to the northeast and intensified as it passed through rural areas outside of town, reaching EF3 intensity and destroying several homes and mobile homes in the area. On March 12, an EF2 tornado impacted the city of Dexter, New Mexico. A violent stovepipe tornado moved through the city of Kaiyuan in Liaoning Province, Northeastern China, killing six people and injuring 190. [30] Another EF2 snapped numerous power poles near Malaga as well.

According to a preliminary survey led by the National Weather Service and CAL FIRE’s Serious Accident Review Team (SART), the vortex produced surface winds that exceeded an astonishing 143 mph, making it the equivalent of an EF3 tornado on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.
On January 11, a rope tornado formed over Bandung in the Indonesian province of West Java. [64][65] Large hail, lightning and torrential rain accompanied the tornadoes.

A small, but destructive tornado outbreak then occurred across the Carolinas, as embedded supercells within the outer bands of the hurricane came ashore. There were 206 tornadoes reported in the United States in June,[2] of which 179 were confirmed. A Funnel Cloud reported in Imperia, Liguria, on November 30.

The National Weather Service may consider the presence of a hook echo coinciding with a tornado vortex signature as sufficient to justify issuing a tornado warning.

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Vehicles were thrown, and numerous trees were snapped and denuded as well.[36][37]. Two Waterspouts offshore La Spezia, Liguria.
These three EF4 tornadoes and a nearby EF3 Easter Sunday tornado carved a combined 227 miles of destruction through southern Mississippi within seven days. With warm, moist air propagating northward from the Gulf of Mexico, and several mid-level impulses intersecting this unstable airmass, conditions became ideal for sustained and significant severe weather beginning on May 17. Thus, Monteverdi said he’s not yet fully convinced that the Carr Fire is the strongest tornado-like vortex in state history. A few additional tornadoes occurred into the early morning hours of April 15, including an EF2 that caused severe damage to homes and a warehouse near Laurel, Delaware.

A prerequisite to a true fire tornado is a pyrocumulonimbus cloud which is a Cumulonimbus (Cb) cloud that forms above a heat source like a wildfire but could also form above a volcanic eruption.

A Violent EF4 Tornado ravaged the city of Nuoro, in Sardegna at the same time were two others EF4 tornadoes were ravaging Cagliari and Sassari, the tornado, like the other tornadoes, caused massive destruction and an unbelievable number of deaths due to the lack of warnings, this tornado was a very slow-moving one, giving more time to the people to seek shelter, however, this let the tornado to cause massive damages, with some sources citing that the tornado may have reached the EF5 strength but no evidence is confirmed. The name is a portmanteau by elision of "gust front tornado", as gustnadoes form due to non-tornadic straight-line wind features in the downdraft (outflow), specifically within the gust front of strong thunderstorms.

The plume undergoes rapid vertical development, growing from 6 to 12 km (19->39Kft) in 40 min. A Landspout Observed near Latina, Lazio on November 27, A Powerful Landspout that caused EF2 Damages in Pisa, Toscana.

[29], A three-day tornado outbreak affected various regions of the United States during mid-March 2019.

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