Anyway, with twins on the way, we definitely want the best diaper, so thanks! Both are super tall, and honest doesn’t work for either of them at this point. Most diapers are meant to be changed every few hours and should say so on the package. You also want to make sure that the diaper is tight enough. When he wears things like polyester, he develops a rash. Our first set of twins passed away at one month old in the NICU, so we never had to buy diapers. If you don’t, you will have leaks. Your baby doesn’t like it any more than you would. Well my husband doesn’t like the idea of our diaper expense doubling, so I knew it was time to started looking for a less expensive option. Website and Photography Copyright © 2019 House of Carpenters, Honest Company vs. That means that if you buy something through one of my links I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Thank you so much for writing such a detailed post on this. The one downside of the Honest diapers is that all that extra care in production makes for a slightly higher price tag. After using the Seventh Generation diapers for a few weeks, I’ve come to a few conclusions; Yes and no.

Otherwise, diapers just magically appear at my door step right when I’m down to my last pack. If you find that your little one is in between sizes, then you can move in either direction depending on what you need.

They’re hypoallergenic and oh so soft.

If you’re looking for a cloth diaper option, then the BumGenius Freetime is the way to go. Nighttime diapers have more superabsorbent polymer that can allow them to hold 10-12 hours worth of urine. The Honest diapers distributes liquid evenly throughout. They are a great option though still offering 12 hours of protection and for younger babies or babies with skin irritations, these are an excellent choice. When I see Target is having a sale on diapers, I’ll pick up a few boxes, but I won’t be buying them regularly! However, Target often has a sale on diapers! I’m expecting my second set of twins.

Time. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 Mama on Parade | Designed by Proven Pixel Design Studio. They’re designed to be as effective as traditional disposable diapers with a leak-preventing polyester exterior.

The larger diaper will allow for more liquid so you’ll have less of a chance of leaks.

If you have a tummy sleeper and are having issues with it leaking in the front, you can put the diaper on backwards. If it doesn’t then it is most likely not meant to handle that level of wetness. Another great Pampers option is the Swaddlers Overnights. I wanted to know is it ok to have both brands.

He also develops a rash when he wears certain diapers. All diaper brands have a weight suggestion on the package with some overlap for the next size.

In a word, yes.

I’ve been ordering The Honest Company diaper bundles for the past year and a half and have loved it! Making sure that that ruffle is pulled out when you put the diaper on is a big step in helping solve your overnight leaking issue.

There are actually little lines on most diapers that show you where the tabs are supposed to fit.

Seventh Generation Diapers.

Your email address will not be published. Waking up night after night to change a wet diaper gets real old real quick. . In a word, yes.

Whenever he moves up a size or they release a cute new print, I change my order. Now I just need to figure out how we can have the Honest diapers shipped to us while we’re on the road…, I have two in diapers currently… Three month old in size 4, 2 year old in size 6.

If you have a hardcore heavy wetter and need some added protection that a diaper just can’t provide, then the Sposie Diaper Booster Pads are what you need. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, sheet, etc.

Never too much, right! I cannot stress this enough. This won’t necessarily keep you from getting up at night, but it will help you get back to sleep faster if you have a leakage situation and need to change the sheets.

With the BOGO sale, we bought them for about $21.75 each, bringing price per a diaper down to $0.31 ($0.12 savings per diaper!). Just know that the more specific you are about your diaper type or material, then the more expensive they are likely to be.

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