The refinery continued full operations during the quarter due to strong asphalt pricing.

That's very helpful. So, any color there would be helpful. Relative to expectations anyway, you guys do a lot better on the OpEx front. Overall average production in the Atlantic region was approximately 19,000 bbls/day, Husky working interest.
Can we aspire that into IR and get an answer for this quarter? And as the May spot contract prices improved, we were able to substantially increase production and sell into this rising spot market capturing the widespread between May spot and index pricing. So, we just do those calculations on an ongoing basis and that's the basis we make. On the corporate side, I'll say just about a quarter of it -- of those overall savings really come from optimizing our IS infrastructure rate reductions and just getting efficient there and make sure we get the best dollar out of our IS in corporate dollars. Events, Industry

Now, going forward, you have it embedded within your operations. Second question has to do with -- I guess I'm wondering what signal do you think it's sending this week when you hear the news of Deutsche Bank saying they're no longer going to fund the oilsands? The identification of the forward-looking information and non-GAAP measures, the risk factors and assumptions pertaining to the forward-looking information and additional information pertaining to the non-GAAP measures are in this morning's news release and in our annual filings on SEDAR and EDGAR. And so just because you don't see I&M split out separately anymore, there's still quite a lot of good activity going along -- going on along that value chain. And I guess, if other people see that as a negative sector, that'll only add to that sentiment. We invite you to save your specific modeling questions for our Investor Relations team after the call.

We also in the cold, heavy oil business, put a whole new different operating model in place with a lot more central control of everything that goes on in that operation. This included negative impacts from the realization of $274 million in after-tax inventory losses that were recognized in the first quarter, as well as a first-in first-out (FIFO) after-tax loss of $3 million. In the offshore, our average overall net production was 71,100 barrels of oil equivalent per day, with an operating margin of CAD265 million. So, obviously, that was more value attributed obviously into the Lloyd value chain because more of that value was generated in basin in essence and it'd be much the same with our export capacity on the -- in natural gas out of Western Canada. Danny we'll come back with the details on you -- with you, but when you think about it broadly it's obviously with the with the heavy dips that that we saw in, in Western Canada, obviously, the margins on Keystone wouldn't have been impacted by that just simply because the Canadian heavy differential was fairly tight. Prices and margins were impacted across North America with extreme volatility at times. All currency is expressed in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated. With demand for refined products recovering, current production from the integrated corridor businesses around 190,000 barrels per day. Yes. Lloyd, the heavy value chain, either off cost -- of course off costs across the Board, you've brought down quite a bit, but the step down there seem to be fairly material. With roundabout -- I think it's about half, but I'll go back, but effectively, it's the infrastructure investing, operational storage to support us and third-party commitments. Thanks guys for the rundown. Hey, guys, I'm sorry of you have already addressed this.
We are cognizant that 150 that we're putting out there is we really view that as sustainable savings here.

Press release content from Globe Newswire. The following table shows the reconciliation of net debt as at the dates indicated: June 30 Mar. That's now a lot lower. Second question in -- within your refining system, what are you seeing in terms of the demand -- specific relates to the areas where you are selling your product? Thank you for participating and have a pleasant day.

I think historically, you've broken it out. Yes, absolutely. And that would take us through 2021 and we think we could also continue to sustain that into 2022. In this challenging environment, we are maintaining our focus on safety and reliability across our operations. Copyright © 2020 RTTNews. 31 2020 June 30 2019 June 30 June 30 2020 2020 2019 -------------------------------------- ------- ------------ ------------ ------- ------- Upstream production, before royalties Light crude oil & medium (mbbls/day) 26 29 20 27 18 Heavy crude oil (mbbls/day) 17 30 29 24 28 Bitumen (mbbls/day) 95 138 120 117 125 Natural gas liquids (mbbls/day) 22 20 21 21 23 Conventional natural gas (mmcf/day) 522 489 475 505 496 -------------------------------------- ------- ------------ ------------ ------- ------- Total equivalent production (mboe/day) 247 299 268 273 277. Capital expenditures and development activities have been reduced to minimum levels. Operating margin is a non-GAAP measure which should not be considered an alternative to, or more meaningful than, “revenue, net of royalties” as determined in accordance with IFRS, as an indicator of financial performance. Also some other targets around diversity and then covers a whole spectrum of ESG issues. So, certainly we'd like to invite all lenders, investors, stakeholders, and the media to review the ESG performance report when it comes out next week and let us know what they think. CALGARY, Alberta, July 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Husky Energy recorded funds from operations of $18 million in the second quarter. Lloydminster Asphalt Refinery throughput was 28,200 bbls/day, compared to 26,100 bbls/day in the same period in 2019. My last question. We'll continue to be disciplined in matching production with refined product demand. CapEx in the second quarter was CAD310 million. As previously announced, the West White Rose project has been suspended. What do you need to see in order to bring that oil output back online? I mean, if you go back to last year, unit operating costs to build on Rob's point, unit operating cost in our coal business was in excess of CAD30 per barrel. Please go ahead. Now, looking at the second quarter. Or is that just basically the floor level and if prices go up, you try to use any excess cash, say for the balance sheet or something else?

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