[131] Manitoba Theatre for Young People was the first English-language theatre to win the Canadian Institute of the Arts for Young Audiences Award, and offers plays for children and teenagers as well as a theatre school.

In 1869, negotiations with the Government of Canada for the creation of the province of Manitoba commenced.

Annual and seasonal variation in the female sexual attractiveness pheromone of the red-sided garter snake. Indigenous peoples have inhabited what is now Manitoba for thousands of years. Henry Hudson. [99][100] The last provincial general election was held on 19 April 2016. Lots of logging and building dams for Manitoba Hydro.

The Manitoba French Language Services Policy of 1999 is intended to provide a comparable level of provincial government services in both official languages.

Both the North West Company and the Hudson's Bay Company built fur-trading forts; the two companies competed in southern Manitoba, occasionally resulting in violence, until they merged in 1821 (the Hudson's Bay Company Archives in Winnipeg preserve the history of this era).[41].

The name Manitoba is believed to be derived from the Cree, Ojibwe or Assiniboine languages. I thought my maps were crap, but nope, that's the actual border. Wow, that sub is so snarky it's kind of sad.

[161] In addition to the Brandon and Winnipeg stations, radio service is provided in rural areas and smaller towns by Golden West Broadcasting, Corus Entertainment, and local broadcasters. [94] Since then, the Progressive Conservatives and the NDP have been the dominant parties.

[123] Twenty-one of these are part of the Winnipeg Public Library system. The resolution of the rebellion and further negotiations led to Manitoba becoming the fifth province to join Canadian Confederation, when the Parliament of Canada passed the Manitoba Act on July 15, 1870. [94] Other parties, including the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), appeared during the Great Depression; in the 1950s, Manitoban politics became a three-party system, and the Liberals gradually declined in power.

[117], Public schools in Manitoba fall under the regulation of one of thirty-seven school divisions within the provincial education system (except for the Manitoba Band Operated Schools, which are administered by the federal government). The event featured a simulated Nazi invasion and occupation of Manitoba, and eventually raised over C$65 million.

It began on 15 May and collapsed on 25 June 1919; as the workers gradually returned to their jobs, the Central Strike Committee decided to end the movement. [76] The province's economy grew 2.4 percent in 2008, the third consecutive year of growth. [20] Carman, Manitoba recorded the second-highest humidex ever in Canada in 2007, with 53.0. However, in 1985 the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in the Reference re Manitoba Language Rights that §23 still applied, and that legislation published only in English was invalid (unilingual legislation was declared valid for a temporary period to allow time for translation). Janzen, L. Native population fastest growing in country.

* All products require an annual contract; Prices do not include sales tax. [53] The French Catholic minority asked the federal government for support; however, the Orange Order and other anti-Catholic forces mobilized nationwide to oppose them.

CBC Radio broadcasts local and national programming throughout the province. There are forty-four non-funded independent schools, which are not required to meet those standards.

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[111] Air Canada Cargo and Cargojet Airways use the airport as a major hub for national traffic. [43] As French explorers entered the area, a Montreal-based company, the North West Company, began trading with the local Indigenous people. Major films shot in Manitoba include The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and Capote,[139] both of which received Academy Award nominations. The name derives from Cree manitou-wapow or Ojibwe manidoobaa, both meaning "straits of Manitou, the Great Spirit", a place referring to what are now called The Narrows in the centre of Lake Manitoba.

[111], Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, Manitoba's largest airport, is one of only a few 24-hour unrestricted airports in Canada and is part of the National Airports System. Manitoba adjoins Hudson Bay to the northeast, and is the only prairie province to have a saltwater coastline.

In that year, the Red River reached its highest level since 1861 and flooded most of the Red River Valley. Lederman, Anne.

The first farming in Manitoba was along the Red River, where corn and other seed crops were planted before contact with Europeans.

Brandon University, formed in 1899 and in Brandon, is the province's only university not in Winnipeg. There are several ethnic weekly newspapers,[157] including the weekly French-language La Liberté, and regional and national magazines based in the city. CFB Shilo hosts a training unit, 3rd Canadian Division Training Centre. [111] Winnipeg is a major sorting facility for both FedEx and Purolator, and receives daily trans-border service from UPS.

Key findings. [136] Fellow rocker Neil Young, grew up in Manitoba, and later played in Buffalo Springfield, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

This region is the most humid area in the prairie provinces, with moderate precipitation. Summers are warm with a moderate length. I always knew Manitoba's population density was extremely low outside of Winnipeg, but this is a lot lower than I expected. I was confused about it when working on a project years ago. [41] York Factory was founded in 1684 after the original fort of the Hudson's Bay Company, Fort Nelson (built in 1682), was destroyed by rival French traders.

[94] The CCF became the New Democratic Party of Manitoba (NDP), which came to power in 1969. Fletcher, Robert.

LeMaster, MP; Mason, RT. May 31, 2018. Haque, C Emdad. "Population Distribution of Manitoba, Canada, in 2016, by Rural/Urban Type.

[21] According to Environment Canada, Manitoba ranked first for clearest skies year round, and ranked second for clearest skies in the summer and for the sunniest province in the winter and spring. [125] Manitoba is the birthplace of the Red River Jig, a combination of Indigenous pow-wows and European reels popular among early settlers.
Because of the generally flat landscape, it is exposed to cold Arctic high-pressure air masses from the northwest during January and February. [16], Manitoba is the nation's largest producer of sunflower seed and dry beans,[80] and one of the leading sources of potatoes. The Minister of Culture, Heritage, Tourism and Sport is responsible for promoting and, to some extent, financing Manitoban culture. [112] Municipalities also operate localized transit bus systems. In the early 17th century, fur traders began arriving in the area and establishing settlements along the Nelson, Assiniboine, and Red rivers, and on the Hudson Bay shoreline. [142] Cartoonist Lynn Johnston, author of the comic strip For Better or For Worse, was a finalist for a 1994 Pulitzer Prize and inducted into the Canadian Cartoonist Hall of Fame.

[52] Its borders were expanded in 1881, taking land from the Northwest Territories and the District of Keewatin, but Ontario claimed a large portion of the land; the disputed portion was awarded to Ontario in 1889. [90], Canadian Forces Base Shilo (CFB Shilo) is an Operations and Training base of the Canadian Forces 35 kilometres (22 mi) east of Brandon. Rank Community name Community type Population in 2016 Population in 2011 Population centres Sir Thomas Button. [30][31], Manitoba is especially noted for its northern polar bear population; Churchill is commonly referred to as the "Polar Bear Capital". [105], Although French is an official language for the purposes of the legislature, legislation, and the courts, the Manitoba Act does not require it to be an official language for the purpose of the executive branch (except when performing legislative or judicial functions).

[132] The Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG), Manitoba's largest art gallery and the sixth largest in the country, hosts an art school for children; the WAG's permanent collection comprises over twenty thousand works, with a particular emphasis on Manitoban and Canadian art.

[86], Manitoba's early economy depended on mobility and living off the land.

[110] Trucks haul 95 percent of land freight in Manitoba, and trucking companies account for 80 percent of Manitoba's merchandise trade to the United States. Churchill's Arctic wildlife is a major tourist attraction; the town is a world capital for polar bear and beluga whale watchers.

Easterbrook, William Thomas; Aitken, Hugh GJ.

The founding of the first agricultural community and settlements in 1812 by Lord Selkirk, north of the area which is now downtown Winnipeg, led to conflict between British colonists and the Métis. [36], Modern-day Manitoba was inhabited by the First Nations people shortly after the last ice age glaciers retreated in the southwest about 10,000 years ago; the first exposed land was the Turtle Mountain area.

The province possibly meets the Northwest Territories at the four corners quadripoint to the extreme northwest, though surveys have not been completed and laws are unclear about the exact location of the Nunavut–NWT boundary.
Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. [87] Diversification of the economy came when Lord Selkirk brought the first agricultural settlers in 1811,[88] though the triumph of the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) over its competitors ensured the primacy of the fur trade over widespread agricultural colonization. They made specific promises of land for every family.

[39] The first European to reach present-day central and southern Manitoba was Sir Thomas Button, who travelled upstream along the Nelson River to Lake Winnipeg in 1612 in an unsuccessful attempt to find and rescue Hudson. In 2007, on 22 and 23 June, numerous tornadoes touched down, the largest an F5 tornado that devastated parts of Elie (the strongest recorded tornado in Canada).

[168], This article is about the Canadian province. [162] Native Communications is devoted to indigenous programming and broadcasts to many of the isolated native communities as well as to larger cities.[163].

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