Just remember to give yourself some R&R – I’d hate to see you injured again because you went too fast and too furious. But the highlight of the trip for me was Elephant Rocks. Over the Mountains and through the Woods Teton Pass might be the most unique commute in the country. That’s great!

First read through I’d thought, (NB, god back and look up Jeep Snakes) LOL, seriously! Here are just a few of the thoughts I had in the wake of our 58-mile excursion: Gratitude. Most kids need visual aids to differentiate between two similar parties. Jules looked beautiful as always with an added dash of radiant, and Josh was cutely anxious to see his bride to be. Leave a Comment I was grateful to get home to Farmington but treasure hunting fever has not left me and still lives in me a year later. I think my two faves are the top one of the river snaking its way through the valley and the last, your own view at home. , Some of those BeeGees songs!

It’s time to stretch our legs. Watch 1 documentary a month for an entire year. Good advice.

I pulled up and got off the bike at the end of the video, there was this lady said something as I passed her, but I didn’t hear cos I’d got helmet on and in my ear plugs “Love is such a Beautiful thiiiing – When you love someone” heh, heh, and no one knew but me! We went to Taum Sauk Mountain State Park and Elephant Rocks State Park. We were still climbing. Dad’s under the spell, too. The only negative part was that we got a parking ticket because apparently parking is not free at South Dakota state parks. Now comes some greenery, now comes the snow-capped mountains. Haha, yeah, those little Jeep Snakes, wriggling across the road, they’re only little, but they move in packs! And so I’m overwhelmed by the beauty as we emerge and I’m telling you, nothing delights my eyes more than a glorious autumn scene. 6) driving along the peak ridge of the Santa Lucia Mountains; 7) overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the cloud cover before coming down and merging with the Pacific Coast Highway.

Growing up on an ocean, I’d call these watermarks tide lines. This shot and the opening shot were both taken from the same spot, same time – amazing how looking into clouds and the sun given a whole different feel to the day. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I’m captivated by the commanding rock formations. I’ve been hunting for Fenn’s treasure for almost two years so I’ve looked at many maps, at least of NM, and if anyone ever asked me to quote a poem, the only one I could probably recite in its entirety would be this one. Haven’t uploaded my vid yet, but I will – eventually, not been a bad summer really, when I pull up some of the bike videos, I did get out and about a bit after all, despite some pretty dire weather in recent months.

In August, I went with my parents to Katy Trail State Park, which is different than a traditional park in that it is comprised of a 240 mile trail on the former Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad. !…part seventeen. Alas, it didn’t sour our experience too much. I think in your case, not having any phuques to give will never be a sign of spiritual poverty on your part. Over the Mountains and Through the Woods…, THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!! Most kids need visual aids to differentiate between two similar parties. It doesn't mean you want it.

The horse knows the way To carry the sleigh Through white and drifted snow. The seats were filled with family and friends beaming for this couple and every detail was beautiful and perfectly placed.

over the river and through the woods (not comparable) Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see over,‎ the,‎ river,‎ and,‎ through,‎ the,‎ woods. But throughout the week, my appreciation began to sneak into less familiar corners. ( Log Out /  Although many people sing "to grandmother's house we go", the author's original words were "to grandfather's house we go". About 40 or so minutes of curvy roads and stunning scenery comprise the trip. Over the next 7 weeks, we will be describing for you each of these segments. I knew we were almost at the top and was pretty sure where we were. I finally remembered to drag my camera along when bounding out to make my dentist appointment. Josh & Julie’s vows were meaningful and well-written and they planted a tree in lieu of the traditional unity candle or sand. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Over the mountains and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go. Angry women block traffic across Poland over abortion ban, Transcript shows pope's distinction between gay marriage, civil unions, Trump, confirmed a Presbyterian, now identifies as ‘non-denominational Christian’, With 9 new electors, Pope Francis remakes the college of cardinals, Gregory's selection as first African American cardinal shows 'Black leadership matters', Former spiritual adviser to Medjugorje visionaries excommunicated, Love of God is always measured by love of neighbor, pope says, Caritas shelter in Rome closed temporarily after COVID-19 outbreak, Pope accepts resignation of bishop accused of failing to act on abuse, Mexican president asks Pope Francis for conquest apology, In case related to abuse at minor seminary, two priests face trial at Vatican, World Food Program wins 2020 Nobel Peace Prize, Bishops to vote for religious liberty chair, seven committee chairmen-elect, How would you feel? And so I’m overwhelmed by the beauty as we emerge and I’m telling you, nothing delights my eyes, more than a glorious autumn scene.

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