Here’s a breakdown of what makes the RAM-7 far from the black sheep of assault rifles, from its basic stats to five loadouts that we recommend for your next Multiplayer session: Like its Season One sibling, the Holger-26, the RAM-7 fits a hybrid role between a true assault rifle and a submachine-gun.

Otherwise, learning how to master a specific sniper rifle with a specific reticle boils down to practice.

Although both attachments hinder aiming stability, this can be remedied by not staring down sights for too long and making the weapon sway. And, if that wasn’t impressive enough, equipping some attachments can even bring that two-shot range out to over 100 meters.

Perks are passive benefits given to Operators in Warzone, boosting their physical capabilities or adding unique in-game mechanics to their loadouts.

The largest weapon category is the most diverse; from high-damage battle rifles to fast-firing compact rifles, one could theoretically create a variety of Loadouts with every assault rifle and still fit nearly every combat situation. JOKR missiles will take a few seconds to reach their intended target, but when they do, they will deal significant damage to vehicles and/or enemy soldiers. Stims will also refresh Tactical Sprint, the fastest movement option on foot, allowing an Operator to flee combat if need be, or get that major movement boost back in the middle of a Warzone match.

It won’t be active unless you physically take it out, meaning that if you are currently using another weapon in a loadout and need to knife someone, you need to switch to it to guarantee a one-hit takedown. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Sniper Rifles are known for knocking down enemies with a single bullet… But only if you hit those shots.

The Riot Shield is ballistic-proof and explosive resistant, or in other words, blocks bullets and reduces damage from all explosive devices. On one hand, it can be customized to be a stealthy CQB (close quarters battle) option thanks to an integrated suppressor barrel….

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… is a great defense. This is a good Balanced AS VAL Loadout, it provides some recoil control, mobility and extra ammo.

Once the targeting reticle blinks red, you can then fire and go about your business, as the rocket will follow the vehicle until it explodes or is misdirected by flares.

Locking on to a vehicle or drone with the PILA is as simple as aiming down sights towards the vehicle and keeping it within the sight picture for a few seconds. Preview: You can rotate, zoom and pan around the weapon you’re customizing in Gunsmith to make sure you’re happy with the overall look. A Smoke Grenade does exactly what you would expect: it creates a thick smoke screen that hinders enemy vision. Once you’ve finished kitting out a weapon in the Gunsmith, you can save it as a Weapon Mod. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Last, but certainly not least, the Commando Foregrip provides additional aiming stability while also helping you deal with the weapon’s horizontal recoil.

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