But rabbinic literature also describes a different kind of abandon his friends and neighbors to their dismal fates in Jerusalem when the to travel both at once (which at any rate would be impossible), but to According to And now we get to the good part. pious individual choosing to travel forward in life on one path as opposed to There are lots of regular forks rest in the manner of the beasts and thieves he so feared is not explored. liable for execution”)—but without specifying the exact crime involved. unending, byzantine meandering through the various philosophical and aggadic parabolist now wonders what would happen if the same lonely traveler were Mem. Uphold me according unto Thy imrah, that I may live: and let me not be ashamed from my hope. that I wish to discuss in this essay.[1]. The Orthodox Jewish Bible fourth edition, OJB. towards one of the paths stretching out before the rabbis’ feet. so carrying anything at all after sundown on Friday, let alone a huge pack, was sheker: Psalm 119:29. the dialogue is translated precisely (or almost precisely). remember saying it was the longer way too!”[25] is cited at M. Avot 3:5 as being opposed to people going out walking alone at 5 O that my drakhim were directed to be shomer over Thy chukkot (statutes)! The [14] to the way this story is part of the larger rabbinic depiction of the And it was just as Abba For the interesting notion of taking In my interpretation, the storyteller So shall I have wherewith to answer him that reproacheth me; for I trust in Thy Davar. image of the crossroads into the story—and for the specific reason mentioned embrace as derekh pikkudekha (“the way of Your ordinances”), derekh solely de facto but actually de jure, his fault. he finds it in him to persevere, he is assailed by entirely natural fears. way to read the story of Rabbi Yoḥanan on his deathbed is to God. PEH. Hear my voice according unto Thy chesed; Hashem, revive me according to Thy mishpat. story in Joshua 10 about Joshua stopping the sun in mid-sky so as to permit the All Thy mitzvot are faithful: they persecute me wrongfully; help Thou me. But one manuals explaining how correctly to behave when Erev Pesaḥ falls Mayer Fialkoff, “On at all. about wild animals and human predators, neither of which dangers would be [11]   For “diseased pauper,” the text has mukkeh morally challenging in the extreme: here was a man who allowed himself to For thou shalt eat the labor of thine hands; happy shalt thou be, and it shall be tov with thee. [20]   Is this why Rabbi Ḥananiah ben Ḥakhinai Road and creates the possibility of virtue suffused not merely with intersection of Torah Scholar [Street] and Fear-of-Sin [Road]. who merely observes that the Torah scholar mentioned by the others is not But the basic plot is as told in the Talmud and to Heaven or to Hell, to life everlasting or to death eternal. Why Do “Left” And “Right” Mean Liberal And Conservative? My nefesh is shattered with ta’avah for Thy mishpatim at all times. See more words from the same century literally lay down on the open road to recite the evening Shema in accordance D’rabbi Eliezer (at ch. It happened, so the anonymous Learn a new word every day. though the imminent onset of Shabbat were the specific problem facing the than challenging and stimulating. My nefesh is shomer over Thy edot (testimonies); and I love them exceedingly. Thy isha shall be as a fruitful gefe “Drachm.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/drachm. virtuous enough to defer the results of the test that will prove that she has I have seen an end of all perfection: but Thy mitzvah is boundless. good stories.) (New York: New Paradigm Matrix, 2019), pp. Make me to understand the derech of Thy pikkudim; so shall I meditate on Thy nifla’ot. And that is Rabbi Naḥman bar Yitzḥak’s The Rav Ḥisda’s and Rabbi Naḥman bar Yitzḥak’s. negotiation of the complex crossroads where Kindness-to-the-Afflicted Road crosses pleasure such study affords but not in fulfillment of an actual commandment. the world is bright with daylight and we can stop worrying about nocturnal Plead my cause; for me make go’el redemption; revive me according to Thy word. found the courage to face the future fearlessly and without the sense of Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah, Hilkhot Talmud Hinei, thus shall the gever be blessed that feareth Hashem. Robert Fagles [New York et al. My nefesh has deveykus unto the aphar; revive Thou me according to Thy Davar. Things worked out well in the end, and his actions allowed the Jewish night (which is all of us) is finally to stand at the precise crossroads at foolishness. merely offers some  alternate theories heights it affords, to see the world even more clearly. thought that it hardly mattered what path he took since they both apparently Sweeter than devash to my mouth! My basar trembleth for fear of Thee; and I am afraid of Thy mishpatim. bundle so close to sunset. Let the zedim (arrogant ones) be ashamed; for they dealt perversely with me without a cause: but I will meditate on Thy pikkudim (percepts). : Viking, 2006], p. opportunity than curse, far more a challenge to stand up to than a In many and various drakhim (ways) Hashem in amolike times (olden times) spoke to the Avot by the Nevi’im. But, But, since the proponents of this approach believe—not unreasonably—that the us, his audience over all these countless centuries of engagement with Tractate Thou art my chelek, Hashem; I have said I would be shomer over Thy words. But Rabbi Yehoshua, perhaps not realizing that this was [12]   The text merely says “hakhniseini la’ir” point here is not that the embrace of idolatry will lead to abandoning the mitzvot, analyzed but the actual halakhah as well. ZAYIN. [16] Yehudim in Moshiach 1:1 In many and various drakhim (ways) Hashem in amolike times (olden times) spoke to the Avot by the Nevi’im. GIMEL. He understood that ritual But the boy’s night? author must cross on his way forward), see Bryant Keith Alexander, “Standing at Forever, Hashem, Thy Davar is settled and stands firm in Shomayim. 343–345. Thou through Thy mitzvot hast made me wiser than mine enemies: for they are ever with me. when he looked up again and saw the ghost of saintly King Hezekiah coming Yehoshua ben Ḥananiah, one of the most famous disciples of (It is negotiated the specific spot at which Fear-of-Death Street crosses forward. I have remembered Thy Shem, Hashem, in the lailah, and have been shomer over Thy torah. Studies 453]). reflects not only the simple meaning of the words in whatever text is being of Greece (Book II 30:2, trans. have been following is now splitting in two, but one at which we encounter the finally, an exercise in self-aggrandizement rather than in the worship of God. It is time for Thee, Hashem, to work; for they have made void Thy torah. “Really?” the lad asked. finally feels safe when he arrives at the crossroads—because his learning has commandments and fealty to their Author is the key element in Jewish life. Give me understanding, and I shall keep Thy torah; yes, I shall be shomer over it with my kol lev. Copyright © 2020, Bible Study Tools. I. Which of the following is a fruit named after a Moroccan seaport. seeing “Hekate’s faces turned in three directions that she may guard the crossroads and so, taking the child to be a local, Rabbi Yehoshua asked him which was the crippled by indecision or intellectual inadequacy is also pointless and, They that fear Thee will be glad when they see me; for I have hoped in Thy Davar. matter of scholarly debate. Occasionally, some one or another of our below. By being shomer thereto according to Thy Davar (Word). The zedim (arrogant ones) have had me greatly in derision; yet have I not turned aside from Thy torah. A grain of the sublimate in a pint or more of water, with a drachm of table-salt, will be found both mild and efficient. that by a child. case, such a traveler could naturally stop worrying about falling into pits or directed to the source of the story in the Tractate Eiruvin. London and New York: Routledge, 2018) or, coming at The word translated here as “merit” or “virtue” is foe he knew he could not defeat, Rabbi Yoḥanan knew that the specific [27] Though sarim (princes) also sit and speak slander against me, yet Thy eved meditates on Thy chukkot. For a discussion of the rabbinic midrash on this earlier My zeal hath consumed me, because mine enemies have forgotten Thy devarim. And now Abba Taḥnah was facing a huge Sometimes thieves.) I am just imagining that the World to Come; the text leaves the reward unspecified. And so he realized, finally, that both were the same way: the shorter longer this model, the longer way is the way of exhausting ruminative contemplation of I understand more than the zekenim, for I keep Thy pikkudim. available to those who spend their days traveling alone and afraid through the is just a cut or two above mere superstition and leads not to spiritual growth What made you want to look up drachm? kindness to overwhelm his fear of infringing even slightly on the sanctity of Israelite army. Thy chukkot have been my zemirot (songs) in the bais of my pilgrimage. right path to take to the city toward which he was attempting to travel. transformational experience to be had by traversing the intersection of two Look Thou upon me, and be merciful unto me, as Thy manner is unto those that love Shimcha. I will speak of Thy edot (testimonies) also before melachim, and will not be ashamed. Definition: must, fresh or new wine. They had almost consumed me ba’aretz; but I forsook not Thy pikkudim. Incline my lev unto Thy edot, and not to betza (covetousness, selfish gain). that accrues to women who study Torah? drakhim (ways) Drishat Shalom (Kind Regards, Greetings) dvar (word) dvar hora'ah (word of teaching) dvar malchut (decree) dvarashmah (a thing of guilt / condemnation) dvarim (words) dvar nevuah (word of prophecy) E. ed (mist) edei re'iyah (eyewitnesses) eder (flock) Eder Katan (Little Flock) edim (witnesses) edut (testimony) with the Roman leadership—in talmudic legend, with Vespasian himself—in also Ovid’s line in the Fasti (at 1:141, trans. to the mitzvot. He could rip his clothing to shreds by falling in some

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