Commodore Cinema - Ryde cinemas schedules and listings, film reviews, news and information-Ryde Screenwriters: Brian Visciglia, Dustin Frost, Kat Silvia © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter That is, until Paul kills him. Privacy | Editor: Dustin Frost. Needless to say, it doesn’t go well for them. Título original: Ryde Ano: 2017 Diretor: Brian Frank Visciglia Elenco: David Wachs, Jessica Serfaty, Ronnie Alvarez Duração: 84min Origem: EUA Visitas: 696

© 2016 Filmow. Paul then summons back their friendly “Ryde” driver (Kyle Thomas Schmidt) with whom he seems to strike up a friendly rapport. Ao navegar em nosso site, você concorda com o uso de cookies. ‎Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews and buy Ryde directed by Brian Frank Visciglia for £4.99.

During the course of his rounds, he proceeds to murder numerous victims, proving himself open-minded in his homicidal tastes by using a variety of methods including stabbing, garroting and, in a pinch, his fists. We’re introduced to the central character, Paul (David Wachs) — who’s as handsome and chiseled as American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman, only without the fashion sense — as he meets a gorgeous woman in a bar who takes him home with her.

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Production company: Vega Entertainment Um novo serviço de compartilhamento de viagens pode aproximar estranhos e fazer com que essas viagens se tornem um pesadelo. The ending makes it clear that a sequel will be forthcoming. Its blank-faced villain is such a cipher that he makes the Terminator look animated by comparison, and the array of supporting characters, most of whom quickly wind up dead, are strictly one-dimensional.

Sinopsis Ryde. Terms of Use | TWITTER The Hollywood Reporter, LLC is a subsidiary of Prometheus Global Media, LLC.

If for some reason you feel the urge to see it, take a cab. Although boasting impressive visual sheen, Ryde proves by-the-numbers horror. Distributor: Gravitas Ventures Executive producer: Vikram Raju Sitemap | Cast: David Wachs, Jessica Serfaty, Ronnie Alvarez, Kyle Thomas Schmidt, Veronica Lauren The Ryde gives you all the highs of windsurfing without breaking your back, brain or bank account!

Contribuie la această pagină şi câştigă DVD-uri! The Ryde stands for the purest form of windsurfing, extremely easy and fast to rig, guaranteeing a smooth ride. As if paying total strangers to take rides in their cars wasn’t stressful enough, now come Brian Visciglia’s horror film that uses ride-sharing as its high-concept premise.

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Ryde was directed by Brian Visciglia (Malady 2017) from a script he wrote with Dustin Frost and Kat Silvia. Producers: David Wachs, Ario Zag Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

His riders are all quite vulnerable, including two sexy, underwear-clad women who make the mistake of inviting him to go swimming.

Depicting the brutal activities of a serial killer after he assumes a driver’s identity and proceeds to murder his passengers, Ryde will make you think twice before tapping an app the next time you need to get somewhere.

Filmes tipo Ryde (2017): Daybreak, Os 3 Infernais, Small Town Crime, Jogo Perigoso, Pequenos Delitos, Em Busca de Vingança, The Nile Hilton Incident, Um Dia para Viver, Medo Viral, Nunca Diga Seu Nome. EMAIL ME.

by Failing to provide any backstory or psychological motivation for the killer’s actions, the film essentially devolves into torture porn. Frank Scheck Production designer: Danielle Lopez Ryde: Carona Mortal avaliado por quem mais entende de cinema, o público.

If you ́re an Filmes com as piores avaliações do Filmow (abaixo de 2 estrelas). Todos os direitos reservados. Better still, it ́s a front row experience at a backseat price. Demonstrating that he possesses at least some empathy, Paul behaves concernedly toward one of his customers, Jasmine (Jessica Serfaty), whose boyfriend (Ronnie Alvarez), although presumably not a psycho killer, is so obnoxious that he actually makes Paul look appealing by comparison. Easy Ryders, get your tickets! Although boasting impressive visual sheen, Ryde proves by-the-numbers horror. Getting behind the wheel and using the driver’s phone, Paul begins touring around nighttime Los Angeles, picking up partygoers and nightclubbers, most of them of the scantily clad female variety.

But instead of making love, he stabs her, and thus the film courteously delivers nudity and gore to its target audience within the first 10 minutes or so. And as far as how it portrays women, let’s just say that the director treats them less kindly than his lead character. Faça parte do Filmow e avalie este filme você também. Director: Brian Visciglia

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16 - Não recomendado para menores de 16 anos. Director of photography: David Rymar Nights out have never been so dangerous once Paul takes the identity of a 'Ryde' driver, the newest taxi service app in town, as unbeknownst to his customers he has a deadly secret that he is ready to unleash... Prowling the busy streets and looking for his next kill, one by one revellers use the latest app to get Paul to pick them up, setting themselves up to become his latest victim whilst not knowing that this ride might be the last of their life.

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