They carry hot, dry air with them, which suppresses hurricane activity in the Atlantic Ocean, sometimes for weeks at a time. The dust will be primarily at higher altitudes, so the main impact will be some especially colorful sunrises sunsets

Dust storms from Africa’s Saharan Desert traveling across the Atlantic Ocean are nothing new, but the current dust storm has been quite expansive and NASA satellites have provided a … A 'Godzilla' dust cloud from Sahara Desert is nearing US Gulf Coast, Saharan dust could bring fewer tropical storms, beautiful sunsets, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Hurricane Season 2020 Track The Tropics has been the #1 source to track the tropics 24/7 since 2013! As the cloud remains at high altitudes, the dust usually contributes to hazy skies. Another week, another Saharan dust storm. "The main impacts of the Saharan dust will be hazy skies during the day, locally reduced visibility, degraded air quality, but with potentially colorful sunrises and sunsets," the weather service said. Ok, last dust pic for today and this one is perhaps the most incredible yet. #SAL #DUST," Twitter user Mark Sudduth wrote. The plume of Saharan dust is expected to move over the Southeastern US next week. Address of direct link for this product : More dust:A 'Godzilla' dust cloud from Sahara Desert is nearing US Gulf Coast Saharan dust tracks as far west as the Caribbean Sea, Florida and the … While Saharan dust storms are common this time of year, the one occurring now is not average by any means. The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service said in an update on Tuesday that a 'moderate plume' of Sahara Dust is approaching the islands. States in about a week. "Ok, last dust pic for today and this one is perhaps the most incredible yet. It could linger near the western and northern Gulf coasts into Thursday, according to the latest forecast, said. Due to the dust, the eastern part of the state may see some bright pink, orange and red sunrises this weekend. A plume of Saharan dust is forecast to reach the western Gulf Coast and Lower Mississippi Valley on Tuesday. now may take a similar path and arrive across the Gulf Coast of the United Air quality is the cloud's biggest threat to humans, especially those with respiratory illnesses such as asthma and pneumonia. According to NOAA, the Sahara dust cloud is usually located in higher altitudes, between 5,000 and 20,000 feet above the earth's surface. The dust first blanked areas including the U.S. and British Virgin Islands this weekend and continued surging east, covering Cuba. The plume of Saharan dust is expected to move over the Southeastern US next week.

Easterly trade winds are carrying a large cloud of dust from the Sahara Desert, across the Atlantic, and towards the US mainland. Wed, Oct 21, 2020 Subscribe Posted: Jun 25, 2020 / 04:20 PM EDT / Updated: Jun 25, 2020 / 05:27 PM EDT FORT WAYNE, Ind. All rights reserved. US bracing for Sahara dust storm cloud. "A thin layer of #Saharandust is in the surface of our cars, exterior tables, fans, etc. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the dust cloud is known as the Saharan Air Layer (SAL), and commonly forms during late spring through early fall. Giant Sahara Dust Cloud Map: Where Is the Weather Phenomenon Headed in the U.S.? Check the dates in the photos (top is from March) - both are unfiltered or altered in any way. This dust plume emerged off Africa June 14 and traveled westward like a firehose of water across the Atlantic Ocean.

Forecasters are predicting that during the next few days, areas like Florida and Cuba will experience the thickest of clouds but by the weekend, the dust will move over parts of Texas and other southeastern states.

The mass of extremely dry and dusty air known as the Saharan Air Layer forms over the Sahara Desert and moves across the North Atlantic every three to five days from late spring to early fall, peaking in late June to mid-August, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This particular event has a lot of dust at low altitudes, making it more dangerous than some of the average dust storms because millions are breathing in air that's of poor to dangerous quality. Sunset is at 8:33 p.m. Sunday, so look toward the western sky for a potentially thrilling and gorgeous sunset. Lower concentrations of dust are forecast to spread up the Plains states. You have 4 free articles remaining this month, Sign-up to our daily newsletter for more articles like this + access to 5 extra articles. Twitter user Ada Monzon shared pictures of the dust cloud's impact on Puerto Rico, as it coated cars and other exterior areas in a layer of dust. This is when dust particles mix and bind to water droplets and fall from the sky. A large cloud of dust from the Sahara Desert began traveling across the Atlantic Ocean last week and is expected to continue traveling through the U.S. in the coming days. This extraordinary dense SAL was lifted from the Saharan desert and traveled to the Caribbean. “The lack of moisture and increased winds are not conducive for tropical storm development.”. The dust may continue to cause respiratory issues for sensitive groups. President Trump Visits Lehigh Valley for Rally, WATCH: Gov. The cloud also creates beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

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