Flowers and plants: poppies, roses, digitales, violets, primroses, aquilegia, daisies. As far as you are concerned, you prefer to take advantage of your experiences in order to discover, to grow, and to question yourself. In fact, you are allergic to any kind of routine, although avoiding it must give way to many risks. For men, she also corresponds to the kind of woman he's attracted to (but not especially in marriage which is more symbolized by the Moon, Venus is the lover and not the wife). Indeed, it is quite the same situation with signs and houses. Your receptiveness is remarkable. With great fortitude and the solace offered by devoted friends, one pulls oneself together and successfully rebuilds a life of happiness and prosperity. Libra governs the kidneys and the bladder. One must seek the advice of a friend or of one's spouse. He readily listens to all argumentations, even to those he is not familiar with, and he has the ability to synthesize different logics. For more information, see the page dedicated to Mercury. The South Node is rather negative, of a Saturnian nature: the experience through suffering. These different criteria allow a planet to be highlighted and lead to useful conclusions when interpreting the chart. Its interpretation is controversial, because certain astrologers pay no attention to it. Her element is water, she is cold and moist, she rules Cancer, is in exaltation in Taurus and is in analogy with the stomach. At that time, she sung with the dansband Mats Elmes.

The diplomacy you use when your interests are at stake can but favour the success of your endeavours. Leo governs the heart and the spine, and the eyes, according to some authors. If your sign is Gemini or if your Ascendant is Gemini: you are expressive, lively, adaptable, quick-witted, humorous, sparkling, playful, sociable, clever, curious, whimsical, independent, polyvalent, brainy, flexible, ingenious, imaginative, charming, fanciful but also capricious, scattered, moody, shallow, inquisitive, opportunistic, unconcerned, selfish, fragile, ironical or changeable. You value sentimental attachments based on total and mutual trust. It is also possible that one meets a person wielding power who grants his protection and brings about wealth. Cities: Delhi, Oxford, Brussels, Mexico, Port-Saïd, Gent, Constance, Mecklenburg, all the administrative centres of capital cities. Your numerous projects can be successfully carried out, all the more so because, better than anyone, you are able to convince your interlocutors and forge the supports required by your plans and your ambitions. In your chart, Mercury is in Sagittarius. She represents the artists, tradesmen, occupations linked to beauty and charm; the age of Venus goes from 15 to about 25 years old.

However, you must at times curb your desire for integration, lest your sense of opportunity turns into extreme opportunism. Finally, other criteria such as the rulership of the Ascendant and the Midheaven etc.

If your sign is Capricorn or your Ascendant is Capricorn: you are serious, cold, disciplined, patient, focused, thoughtful, ambitious, indomitable, cautious, lucid, persistent, provident, steady, introverted, stern, wilful, hard-working, responsible, persevering, honest, realistic, loyal, reserved, resolute, moralistic, quiet, rigorous, attached and reliable. One fulfils one's duties calmly, slowly, and steadily, and progresses smoothly under the protection of a powerful friend or boss. The planet Pluto symbolizes deep disruptions and upheavals, domination and sexual instincts, and the inner power we have in ourselves. But this is not always the case: there may be a cluster of planets, or a planet may be near an angle other than the Midheaven or Ascendant. Fire is its element, it is hot and dry, and it rules Aries and Scorpio (along with Pluto), is in exaltation with Capricorn and is in analogy with the muscles and the spleen. Psychologically speaking, your nature is extroverted and independent, oriented towards expansion and sociability. 3rd Fire sign - 3rd Mutable sign - Masculine, In analogy with Jupiter, his ruler, and the 9th House.

The danger, of course, is that you have to wait forever, until the fires of passion fade away. The Midheaven represents our achievements and goals in the social sphere, our social position in society, and becomes more and more important as we get older. Modesty is a quality in some cases.

Height: Under review: Ethnicity: Unknown: Nationality: Religion: Unknown: Sanna Nielsen is a Sagittarius and was born in The Year of the Rat Life. a planet near the Ascendant, the Midheaven, the Nadir or the Descendant. It's a succedent and quite important house.

Sagittarius governs the thighs and the liver. In brief, a natal chart is composed of ten planets: two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, three fast-moving or individual planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars, two slow-moving planets, Jupiter and Saturn, and three very slow-moving planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Sagittarius is enthusiastic, an explorer, a discoverer of the soul and the hearts. This is what we call identifying the dominant planets.

Cities: London, Plymouth, Cardiff, Melbourne, San Francisco, Nuremberg, Bruges, Versailles. Trending.

Trees: nut trees such as chestnut trees. You reject all forms of sectarianism and prejudices. He was born on August 31, 1979 at Irvine, North Ayrshire, Scotland. The 1st House is in analogy with Aries and thus Mars too, and then the Sun. Your quiet and stable feelings are really worth it. Then, there are three additional distributions: elements (called triplicity since there are three groups of signs for each one) - Fire, Air, Earth and Water - corresponding to a character typology, modality (or quadruplicity with four groups of signs for each one) - Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable - and polarity (Yin and Yang).

Stones, Metals and Salts: copper, calcium and potassium sulphate, emeralds. Although you are sometimes caught in the traps of an over sensitive emotionalism, feelings remain your best assets in many circumstances. You often take the initiative in your amorous encounters that are likely to take place during your holidays or business trips. She currently resides in Edenryd, Sweden. With Mars, your attitudes are dictated by the realities of the moment, by your emotions, and by everything which proved to have worked in the past. Therefore, you are certainly a passionate woman who is on the lookout for any kind of action or revolutionary idea, and you are keen on new things. This is the reason why they are not included in our Astrotheme reports. It represents inventors, odd characters, revolutionaries.

The axis of the Lunar nodes moves 19 degrees each year, namely a bit more than three minutes each day. Food: citrus fruits, apples, limes, dried fruits and easily preserved food. Success can be achieved in diplomacy, espionage, the cinema, or the management of human resources. How much money is Sanna Nielsen worth at the age of 35 and what’s her real net worth now? There are a thousand ways to win, and a thousand challenges to take up with the enthusiasm and the dynamism which make life so worthy. Your observation talents and your detachment work wonders in the defence of your anti-conformist and rebellious ideas. Many people born in the same period have Uranus in the same sign. However, you are well-advised to avoid indolence and renunciation out of laziness or indifference. You offer security and stability with your sense of duty even though you mix up responsibility and love. Do you belong to the Jupiterian type, benevolent and generous? You are mobile, cheerful, extroverted, always feeling comfortable and dynamic, a freedom-lover who appreciates variety. Trees: all nut trees, e.g. On the day and at the time of your birth, the Moon was in the sign of Aquarius. After her seventh attempt, she won Melodifestivalen in 2014 with the song “Undo” and so represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark, finishing in 3rd place overall.

Food: dried fruits, chestnuts, ground-level vegetables: peas, broad beans, etc.
It is in analogy with Libra and Venus, and Saturn to a lesser extent. It is in analogy with Gemini and Mercury. Actually, you only need a word to guess the underlying stakes of any situation.

Sanna Nielsen, the way you take action is quite paradoxical: you carry out your business perfectly well when you are in a teamwork with collective goals, but you do so in your original and individualistic manner: this is your main peculiarity. Or, on the contrary, it may disrupt your precise and clear vision of your professional future.
Thus, hyper-sensitivity has its own inconveniences. Uranus among your dominant planets: just like Neptune and Pluto, Uranian typology is less clearly defined than the so-called classical seven planets that are visible to the naked eye, from the Sun to Saturn. Food: apples, pears, berries, corn and other cereals, grapes, artichokes, asparagus, beans. Once success, fame, and wealth are achieved, probably in music, the cinema, or philosophy, one becomes gentle and benevolent. Defending great causes is more exciting than coping with daily chores and you handle unforeseen events to the best of your abilities. She enriches the unconscious, and gives the possibility to combine modern life with spirituality, the East with the West, and mysticism with concrete life. On the downside; it leads to carelessness, indifference, apathy, and mess. It is in analogy with Scorpio and Pluto, and Mars to a lesser extent. Your charisma and your drive are fully integrated into the collective life.

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