I must say I'm surprised at the resolution and the supporting article as they don't agree with our traditional standard. This shows the great danger of believing that miracles alone are a sign that someone is a Saint. Short cutting that process puts the same knowledge into the hands of those less mature how did not arrive at it by means of cultivating a spiritual tree to yield the precious fruit. My whole point, which I sadly don't seem to have communicated well enough, is that based on no evidence whatsoever, we have imported someone into our tradition and now, based on the emotive aspect of her story, everyone loves her. St Paul mentions everyone that saw Jesus after His crucifixion, proving the resurrection, in 1 Corinthians 15:1-9. If a saint existed or didn't exist is very important. It is incredible that you guys actually know this stuff. For example, St. Mina appeared in a vision to the queen that was sleeping at the site of his holy body and told her that they had buried him there which is a similar "vision" that the nun may have had. Johann Peter Kirsch’s in the Catholic Encyclopaedia, which stated Philomena is not a saint. Neither these signs nor the glass vessel discovered in the grave can be regarded as a proof of martyrdom.”[2], This account from the Catholic Encyclopedia was written by Fr. Historically the Church honored local traditions of communities who honor holy people that lived among them. Greetings Coptic Soldier, thank you for your response. I am the author of the article so am happy to respond for myself. Again, if she is a saint, then I'll wholeheartedly venerate her. The names of hundreds of early Christian martyrs are included in early liturgical calendars, the story of their lives (exaggerated or not!) The earthenware plates were fixed in front of the grave as follows: LUMENA PAX TECUM FI. At my Church we had a church wide, ticketed event, that had the youth enact the life of Philomena in a theatric fashion. I’d like to also explore the actual vision of this Catholic nun, what she saw, and who she claims Philomena to be. Well, many Catholics believe that great caution needs to be taken before naming someone a Saint. These are not myths, they are facts, backed up by eye witnesses, verifiable historically in this regard. We should not be careless and just believe anything that the people believe to be true. Yes what evidence is there that her body that was found in the tomb was that of a martyr, what evidence is there that the body of any other martyr canonized by the Coptic Church is that of a martyr? The plates were evidently inserted in the wrong order, and the inscription should doubtless read PAX TECUM FILUMENA. Surely someone would have known and written the account of her martyrdom. The scholars among the Jews were confounded and Christ hand picked for himself 12 who were of lowly disposition. The vision of a Catholic Nun. The Holy Orthodox Church never developed any comparable methods for canonizing her saints. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

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