​This is important, you don't want to use a large trap for a small animal, you may not get a good catch or the trap may cause unnecessary damage to the animal. Thanks to the 5.25-inch jaw opening, fox, coyotes, raccoons and bobcat can be trapped. Phone: (712)822-5780 Things like unsecured garbage, compost piles and pet food may draw a coyote over. The Duke Pro Series 550 OS features heavy cast steel jaws, stainless steel rod dog with step down PIT pan system, double base plate, center swiveled D-Ring with machine link chain & in-line swivel.

This is especially true if you trap in an area that gray foxes are prevalent, as they have smaller more fragile leg bones than a coyote or red fox.

It's best to practice prevention. They come already rigged up with 2  MB Crunch Proof swivels and a length of #2 or #3 machine chain. For example, you could yell or use homemade noisemakers. What is the best trap for a regular neighborhood backyard? Bed and cover the flat set as you would the dirt hole set. SKU: 513202299. These teeth are located between the canine teeth. This article has been viewed 221,510 times. When you see a coyote, be very loud.

Be very careful, though! Steel trap permits are issued through application by FWC’s regional offices for specific locations where property damage, depredation, or predation is occurring or anticipated to occur or when the FWC determines that wildlife is presenting a threat to public safety. No, human urine means nothing to them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are myths that the most damaging coyotes are old females with pups, but this is often not true. Its important to match the trap to the animal you're targeting. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 221,510 times. So, is this trap any good? 2.8 (159) was save . I hope this helped to clear up any uncertainty around trap sizing and selection. As such, it is easy to use and it comes with DVD with instructions, methods and additional knowledge you will need. Some traps generate pressure as well, but they cannot maintain it, due to material fatigue. Conceal and cover the blind spot as you would a flat set. There are two options here.

Likewise, if the trap you are using is too small for the target animal you will have issues catching the animal, and if you do make a catch the animal may be able to get out of the trap because the trap is simply not strong enough. One homemade lure uses rotten eggs by breaking four dozen eggs into a gallon jar.
Traps come with coil springs or powered cable or non-powered cable devices. Be aware that coyotes can carry rabies and other diseases. Install a pan cover to keep dirt away from the trap’s springs.

3 coil-spring trap with a jaw spread of about 6 inches (15 cm) should do the job. Models range from the small #1 CS with a 4" jaw spread for Mink to the larger #4 CS 4X with a 6.5" jaw spread for Coyote. It is a very sturdy trap, sized just right for coyotes/bobcats/fox, has offset jaws, and thick cast jaws (similar to lamination), is baseplated, and center swiveled. You generally don’t use bait or lure in a blind set because the goal is that the coyote will jump over the fence into the trap.

You will be able to start trapping coyotes as soon as you get the kit and probably watch the DVD with instructions. Regardless they are similar in size and thus can be used to target the same animal.

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