In one timeline, everyone survives the cortical psychic patch. Jacks fragile human form was stronger in the armor, but not strong enough to survive an impact at those speeds. Agent Fowler stepped out of the cockpit, walking over to the duo. ", "Optimus and I want you two to move in and either stop or if necessary neutralize the cons, Human or bot!".

He was her partner. Fluff ensues. "Helped with your suit?

"So Jack, you brought any girlfriends up here while I've been absent?" Your thrusters are now at 70% power; however, power was triaged from shields, meaning amour will be weaker by 30%. At least they can't use it for whatever they had in mind" Jack told her. Several months after Unicron's defeat and Megatron's self-exile.

I'm sure. Try being an Autobot under the command of Optimus Prime. She stood up with a groan from her crouched position. Jack watched from above as she drove off up the road, police arriving not far behind in sheer numbers, arresting and apprehending the legion of Decepti-Sapiens. ", Arcee rubbed the back of her neck and looked away, "Heh Well that...that's different!"

He tensed his torso and tilted himself, correcting towards the landing site.

On the right was a parting in the trees, perfectly capturing the Sun's setting course over the distant desert Jack pressed his helmet against the grass and abandoned it, Arcee walking around behind him. She sighed and lay back in the grass, hands on her stomach. watch there undeniable love blossom as they grow closer, before Starscream threatens to destroy them completely. "Thanks Kid" she said, knowing it would aggravate him. "See you on the ground!" No one's ever given me a nickname.

Jack gulped. The team goes on leave while construction on the new starship is completed, before preparing to take the fight to the DJD and Unicron. "Wait, does that mean that the guys at base can hear know...talking" He asked like a nervous kid. Arcee played a smaller role in the third season, but had an episode that focused on her, "Plus One", where she started a potential relationship with Wheeljack, convincing him to stay with the Autobots. "You guys know where to meet? Wasn't the happiest time of my existence" She sighed, looking around at the valley.

Allspark I powered down! she smiled as she turned on her side and gave him a gentle hug. Jack followed, his helmet reforming around his head, simply to conceal his love struck expression till it calmed down.

A waypoint creating a chartered course towards the base of the huge Christ the Redeemer Statue, empty of all tourists at this time of night, 1:34am. The purple drone landed just up the road as a tall slender Decepticon: Soundwave.

"So do you" He smirked, scraping the sharp corner of his rectangular barreled blaster down Knockout's side, a thick silver streak of ripped paint edging along his torso with a metallic screech. "If it comes to it, try and lead them out of the city before kicking their asses to the curb!".

", "Yep, that's it. "You getting some sense of amusement from this Jack?" Well done partner" She said, crouching down to him. "No worries, at least they've let the hostages go. "Here! Jack looked at his partner, a smile forming. Jack took a moment to think of one. He kept his legs rigid and still, a trait he'd learned after the dam and London.

Well, tell him Cee stopped them. It's my alone place. He groaned and rubbed his eyes as he awoke like a zombie.

she said in an implied voice, raising and lowering her eyebrow pieces. Following the restoration of Cybertron from the Great War, Arcee was one of the many Autobots blacklisted by the new High Council for being a supporter of Optimus Prime. Glad to be out of that school. Not even mom. It's basically an asteroid like alt mode we use that allows us to travel across the stars at great pace. Jack cracked his neck, remembering days long past where he was an awkward teen drooling after her. But it's just a guess at this time. He leaned forward planting a gently kiss on her lips, enough passion to let her know she was his everything.

How's mom, is she good? "Oh" Jack said, still trying to comprehend that style of travel.

She said nodding slightly. Your review has been posted.

"Come on, I've got to get you back to your mothers".

"Yeah. Her blue metallic skin reflected in the morning rays. Wouldn't be right if she didn't aggravate my servos every now and then" She growled, lying back in the grass beside Jack. Suddenly the flaps kicked in as did the thrusters, steadying his four story jump to a gently stop.

Series. Arcee suddenly realized something.

he said, patting her chrome gas tank. Can Jack save her?

She fixed onto one word jack said, "Jack you said nobody comes up here. Jack, thanks to the help of Teletraan, activated the thrusters and flew up out of Knockouts range, missing his swinging sharp fingers by inches. Your review has been posted. In the short month since Hoover dam, Jack had finally gotten a job working with Agent Fowler and the Autobots. The Decepticon wailed, not in pain but horror. "Hell yeah Cee" He said as if she should already know that.

"Element of surprise. Arcee lay silent before responding with a heavy sigh, "Yeah, I do. I mean I got this suit, I got the Autobots" he saw her face drop. I can't imagine how difficult it must be.

Still the wailing of police sirens cried. Red lights blared inside the dark plane. Arcee moaned as she stretched her back pistons and nodded. "It'll be worth it, trust Me." He winced his left eye and glared through the right.

she shouted, looking back out the rear of the plane. "Great work Cee" he smiled, landing with a thump. "You'll see them tomorrow once we all meet up." Jack had proven his loyalty and new skills in combat over this life changing month. He panicked, holding it up.

She pointed up into the night sky, her finger trailing along before reaching a familiar point. A month after Hoover dam, and she's getting distracted by her love. My dad left us when I was three at the most. "Hey, who knows Jack, Maybe one day you'll be a prime" she joked, ruffling his hair. Its fine, I'm flattered really. Arcee and Jack Darby get some time off together and bond over the discussion of fashion and paints but the 'most stylish' of Cybertronians can't help but add his continuous stream of opinions. "How do I get you home without getting caught by your mother?"

Cybertron is at peace, and Earth has all but forgotten about the Cybertronians.

She looked at it and slightly panicked, before calming herself and gently sliding it out from under his flesh hand. He said, looking up. Jack counted the alleyway exits. "Go, go, go!" They both disappeared through the vortex. Jack's eyebrow raised and suddenly she realised what that could be mistaken as. Inside the darkened bay of the plane, only three beings stood, one taller than the rest.

One exploded in a fireball and the other transformed, running to the awaiting Sapiens. That's it, you can't hang around Miko anymore she's ruining your vocabulary!" He raised his black hood and hopped his jeans coated legs over his beloved motorcycle partner. Fowler grabbed Jack's shoulder. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. "Oh no, Allspark I didn't mean it like that, I err-", "I know Arcee. This is that universe. She drove off giving chase. "You told me a deep dark secret. After Tailgate and Cliffjumper's deaths I didn't let anyone near me. First thing I say when I see you again and its accusations and anger. Jack held his arms out wide and the array of brake flaps enable, stretching out from his arms and back like wide metal feathers.

Arcee shook it off and stood up and yawned, her gears in her throat whining.

You've really matured". Shoot" She said to him. "Thanks Cee. "Nah, that'll be you.

She rolled over on her side and looked at him, hoping to dig up information. She ordered. Jack kept his eyes fixed on the waypoint his HUD created as the heaving winds battered him.

I know my skills aren't there yet, but I'm getting there...slowly". I've got two days off after tomorrow, so I'm all yours", "I'll pick you up like I used to then" Arcee said. "Okay, my turn. Her eyes fluttered open and her optics flickered blue. But we'll stop him if it is.". Calm down Arcee you old war girl, "Ah yeah that's the good stuff" She mumbled to herself, trying to keep her wandering mind off of Jack. You and I, we stopped them. Knockout revved at him, transforming into the tall red eyes Decepticon doctor.

", "Yeah I can understand that Jack. when Optimus sends her and Ratchet to investigate a crashed species ship from Cybertron, she contracts venom from a long extinct Rust Basilisk. Arcee said, walking towards the rear of the plane. "But most importantly, I got you" He said, his helmet disconnecting, revealing his face as the mask sunk into the chest piece. "I guess having Cybertron back has made you happier?" At least you're back now, right?" She opened her eyes along with him as they bumped foreheads softly.

Author notes: A new story Ladies and Gents! Arcee's arms folded out and slammed against the grass, her head forming out of the bike and her legs positioning beneath her, the wheels folding up into her shins and back.

She could see his face drop and anger slap across it. He shouted as he hovered, looking over the city. "It is...nice, Jack" She mustered. "Of course, just tell me which alleyway" he saw her drive forward across the road, transforming as she disappeared into an alleyway. "Teletraan, can you lock onto Cee for me?"

She could finally relax, and Jack made her feel comfortable enough to do so. Almost a perfect match, without the metal ground beneath her feet. "While I never saw much of him, he was still my father you know? The slender female form of Autobot Arcee stood inside, fists clenched, staring out of the plane's rear hatch at the cloud fogged view of the distant city. She had to ask.

In the heart of Rio de Janeiro, screams echoed and gunfire crackled. They'll get bridged off continent by Soundwave!"

We're coming home" Jack said as he raced towards the statue with his thrusters.

"Thanks Cee. Jack looked up at her.

You might want to get Soundwave to open a bridge and soon" He growled, driving off after the Con and Bot tangle. I gotta give it to you. He should never have suggested boarding the warship; Optimus would have never sanctioned it. "What? A partner capable of helping her thoroughly on missions, she hadn't had one of those since Cliff.

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