[8] The castle received 125,664 visitors during 2018.[9]. Experience far reaching panoramic views from high castle walls, or wander the moat to discover King Charles I’s bowling green. Museum - The Ground floor and upper galleries of the Carisbrooke Castle Museum (managed by the Carisbrooke Museum Trust) are now open Thursday – Monday from 11am to 3pm. The answers to all frequently asked questions can be found on our FAQ page. Surrounding the whole castle are large earthworks, designed by the Italian Federigo Gianibelli, and begun in the year before the Spanish Armada. Dr Christopher Young is a heritage consultant and former Head of International Advice at English Heritage. It passed into the care of the Office of Works in 1856. 3. She sells it to Edward I on her deathbed.

William FitzOsbern is granted the Isle of Wight.

Seventy-one steps lead up to the keep; the reward is a fine view. He published the first study of the castle’s history and architecture in 1891. Richard's son Baldwin is forced to surrender Carisbrooke to King Stephen having supported Henry I's daughter, Matilda, in her claim to the throne. Facts about Carisbrooke Castle 2: the characteristics of the building. The roof and floors of the gatehouse had been removed and Carey’s building had been reduced to a ruin. This took the form of a low, roughly rectangular rampart nearly a mile long, with five bastions. He converted the Constable’s Lodging, at the southern end of the hall range, and the L-shaped block in the south-east corner of the castle to their present form before the funding ran out. It is also the home of the Isle of Wight Museum, which moved after Princess Beatrice’s death in 1944 into the more spacious accommodation of the hall range, where it remains. Donkey demonstrations - The wheel and well house will be open to view but demonstrations will not be taking place at the moment.

In 1100 the Isle of Wight became part of a powerful lordship, created by Henry I (reigned 1100–35) for Baldwin de Redvers, one of his key supporters. [10] Wyndham Lewis, who lived on the Isle of Wight as a child, cites the donkey wheel at Carisbrooke as an image for the way machines impose a way of life on human beings ('Inferior Religions', published 1917). It was probably Baldwin who created the present massive motte-and-bailey castle which still dominates the hilltop. For the rest of the Middle Ages the castle was governed by a rapid succession of Crown-appointed lords of the island. The castle chapel, also a parish in its own right, was probably on the site of the present chapel, with an enclosure behind it in what is now the Privy Garden.

The well is also famous as the hiding place of the Mohune diamond, in the 1898 adventure novel Moonfleet, by J. Meade Falkner. Complimentary full colour handbook worth £10.95. From 1100 the castle remained in the possession of Richard de Redvers' family, and over the next two centuries his descendants improved the castle with stone walls, towers and a keep. In 1293, Countess Isabella de Fortibus, the last Redvers resident, sold the castle to Edward I. Charles I came to the island in November 1647 after he had escaped from house arrest at Hampton Court, in the hope that he might be able to act more freely. Free entry for up to six children accompanied by an adult member (under 18 years and within the family group). In 1904 the chapel of St Nicholas in the castle was reopened and re-consecrated, having been rebuilt as a national memorial of Charles I. The gateway tower was erected by Lord Scales who was lord of the castle at the time in 1464.[3]. An Anglo-Saxon stronghold occupied the site during the 8th century. The last of Baldwin's descendants, Isabella de Fortibus, one of the greatest landowners of the day, inherits the castle.

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