Rye Whiskey. Designed for easy enjoyment of your favorite Dashfire ready-to-drink cocktail. 38% ABV. Made from bourbon, bitters, sugar, and cherry juice, Out of state?

Essential for making a Sazerac cocktail, Peychaud's Bitters offers up light Christmas spice notes, including clove and… WATERSHED DISTILLERY1145 Chesapeake Ave, Suite DColumbus, Ohio 43212info@watersheddistillery.com614-357-1936. Our Old Fashioned Cocktail, with its blend of four bitters, natural sugar cane juice, hint of cherry, vanilla, chicory and spirited with bourbon, is about as pleasant as we can make it. House Botanical Blend. Strong cocktails can be enjoyed straight from a chilled can or bottle. Simply uncork, pour over ice and enjoy. Stir.Step 3.

This twist on a classic has a pleasant sweetness of pear, tartness of apricot and the subtle aroma of elderflower. These are great for home when you find a couple cans won't quite cut it, or also in a bar where there is little time to create craft cocktails of your own. Black Walnut Old Fashioned1.75 oz Watershed Old Fashioned.25 oz Watershed Nocino.

Sold by Pearl Specialty and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Dale DeGroff’s Pimento Aromatic Bitters ($16) Pimento is another word for allspice, so don’t expect … Our White Russian is just plain fun and a joy to imbibe. We have put so much effort into preserving the cocktails' original form but also making it our own and doing so with ingredients that can stand the test of time.

Made from Vodka, Midwest Heavy Cream, and the already beautiful botanicals of our Chai’Walla bitters.

Our bottles are also larger than the competition's, serving up an incredible 32 cocktails in a single bottle.

This item: Fee Brothers Old Fashioned Aromatic Bitters $21.99 ( $4.40 / 1 ounce) In Stock.

So when it comes to making the perfect Old Fashioned, you can throw away that frustrating simple syrup recipe, add your favorite bourbon, & stir! These cocktails are crafted with the same care and attention you find at your favorite craft cocktail bar.

Fee Brothers West Indian Orange Cocktail Bitters $14.98 ( $3.00 / 1 Fl Oz) In Stock. Pour ingredients over ice in a rocks glass. We’ve grown quite a bit since then, but that guiding principle hasn’t changed. With subtle sweetness and an elegant aroma from lemon and lavender bitters, this is a classic with a twist. Dashifre’s El Presidente Cocktail is one of very few high-proof rum cocktails out there. Cream Sherry. All you need is your favorite liquor, ice and Proof Syrup to get the perfect tasting cocktail every time. Proof Syrup is here to elevate your bartending game and impress your guests in a few easy steps. So quick and easy that your biggest worry is garnish-- so your guests think you were slaving away on their perfect c Our version of this classic Cuban Cocktail has house-made grenadine, made from pure pomegranate juice, and cane sugar.

If you enjoy your cocktails less strong, they can be served over ice to dilute and chill them to a more mellow version of the original. stirring and straining into a glass you can take a bit of the edge off and chill the cocktails for a classic style. In addition to Angostura bitters, which are an absolute must, I recommend a dash of orange bitters - particularly for those used to muddling an orange slice.

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