Congenital sensorineural deafness occurs commonly in domestic cats with a white coat. Henry's been writing pet content for over 10 years and will continue to do so as long as dogs and cats are with us! If a black cat, especially a

Hopefully, all this talk about deafness and genes hasn’t scared you off from wanting to adopt a blue-eyed kitty. For instance, tabby Persian cats are considered extroverts. Pointed Cats, like Siamese, who have a lighter body and darker extremities, always have blue eyes. All kittens are born with blue eyes, but their true color develops between 6 and 8 weeks old. Siamese cats, as well as some other colorpoint breeds, have the recessive gene.

One of their favorite things to do is to follow their humans around the house, happy just to be near them. Many people are curious about why this particular blue-eyed breed is called that. Eye Color Typically cats have green, yellow, or blue eyes in a variety of shades. This cat is characterized by its curly hair, which is the product of a genetic mutation. Whether you choose a pure white cat with blue eyes, a black cat with blue eyes, or another color altogether, you’re sure to love him or her. #14: Scottish Fold This blue-eyed cat trait turns up in some other breeds and also occurs equally in both female and males kitties. [5], Although few studies have been done to link this to genes known to be involved in human Waardenburg syndrome, a syndrome of hearing loss and depigmentation caused by a genetic disruption to neural crest cell development, such a disruption would lead to this presentation in cats as well. On the other hand, solid white or even just mostly white kitties could have blue, copper, gold, or green eyes. [12] It is possible to have a cat with a naturally white coat without this gene, as an extreme form of white spotting, although this is rare – some small non-white patch usually remains. A pure white cat with blue eyes has an 85 percent chance of some degree of deafness. Although they may be at a greater risk for congenital deafness, there’s no history of more cases of blindness than any other cats. black cat with blue eyes, crosses your path, bad luck could show up before the end of your journey. In fact, Birmans, for example, come in a myriad of colors. High rates of congenital deafness in white cats with light-coloured eyes, "Coat color and coat color pattern-related neurologic and neuro-ophthalmic diseases", "Ask Elizabeth: White Cats and Blindness/Deafness", "The Genetics of Deafness in Domestic Animals", "Endogenous Retrovirus Insertion in the KIT Oncogene Determines White and White spotting in Domestic Cats", "A novel KIT mutation in a family with expanded syndrome of piebaldism", "KIT signaling regulates MITF expression through miRNAs in normal and malignant mast cell proliferation",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 September 2020, at 23:02. One breed, which is neither white nor blue-eyed, is the Abyssinian and that particular breed is more prone to blindness.

The gene influencing this white coat/blue eyes combination is a dominant gene termed W. This gene appears to bear more than one effect, it gives the cat its white-colored coat, blue eyes, and deafness. The fact is, however, that the most common colored cat eyes range from gold to greenish-yellow. so i have 3 cats .1 is orange with white and big yellow eyes .and other black gray stripped with white undermarkings.other has no tail all smoky grey color with grey nose and pads of feet are grey .

The color could remain the same or start changing as the kitten starts maturing. And, then when you pick them up, they’ll amaze you by just going limp in your arms.

Silver and golden Persian cats have green or blue-green eyes and black paw pads. The breed comes in naturally occurring colors like silver, bronze, black, and smoke. Kittens all have blue eyes at birth. Five percent of all of the world’s cats are all-white. So, if one shows up, better take her in and make her a member of your family for years of good luck.

The cat would have an underlying coat colour and pattern, but when the dominant white gene is present, that pattern will not be expressed, and the cat will be deaf. An Egyptian Mau with blue smoke color is grey with distinctly white roots. No, they’re definitely not. If the underlying coat pattern is one of a pointed cat (also referred to as a Siamese pattern), the blue eyes may come from the genetics of the pointed gene. These cats also come in a ‘blue’ color which is a diluted variation of the other three colors. Ojos Azules breed, which is very rare, producing cats with dark coats. How do Cats Get Blue Eyes? They’re amazingly friendly and super-lovable. Whiskers Whiskers are typically black, white, or a combination. [9] KIT mutations have also led to patchy depigmentation and different coloured irises in humans,[10] and KIT has been found to increase MITF expression, the gene involved in human Waardenburg syndrome type 2A.[11]. It is a congenital deafness caused by a degeneration of the inner ear.

And, your new friend is sure to love you, too, no matter what color your eyes are. Many people wonder if deafness in cats with blue eyes or in white cats is an old wives’ tale or a fact.

Sparkling blue eyes are found in several cat breeds and are especially prevalent in white cats or those with white markings. They range from blue to chocolate, cream-colored, and even red.

It’s the pigment that is responsible for eye, hair, and skin color.

However, deafness also occurs in white cats with green or yellow irises, although it’s more likely in blue-eyed white cats. Its paws and chest are white and it has got green eyes. [6] Waardenburg syndrome type 2A (caused by a mutation in MITF) has been found in many other small mammals including dogs, minks and mice, and they all display at least patchy white depigmentation and some degeneration of the cochlea and saccule, as in deaf white cats. Should You Give Your Cat Chlorpheniramine?

Genes that limit cat coloration result in blue eyes. The fact is that hereditary deafness does tend to be a serious concern in white cats. When kittens are around a month old, their eyes will start changing color from blue to amber, gold, iridescent green, or even yellow-gold. Cat-lovers worldwide seek them out and some types even more than others. In one 1997 study of white cats, 72% of the animals were found to be totally deaf. Some people think that white cats with blue eyes go blind more often than other cats but that’s simply not true. Learn how your comment data is processed. And, your cat’s genes determine how much melanin she has. And, an all-white cat with just one blue eye has a 50/50 chance of some deafness in both ears or in just one ear, however, it’s less common. Stray Cat Join a Man’s Cycling Trip and Changes His Life, Violinist Finds a Way to Hold Her Kitten and Practice at the Same Time, Why This Woman Got Banned from a Park for Feeding Cats, 20 Things You Didn’t Know About the Sokoke Cat, 10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Foldex Cat, 20 Things You Didn’t Know About the Brazilian Shorthair, Five Cat Breeds That Behave as “Guard Cats”. The higher the level of refraction the cat has in their eyes, the deeper the shade of blue will appear.

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