Keystone XL would lead to a large amount of pollution and would be the “gateway drug” to expanded tar sands production leading to more carbon pollution that is causing global warming.
Read more from the issue at Don't miss out! © Copyright 2020 The Globe and Mail Inc. All rights reserved. –highconcept, A lot of families are going to go into bankruptcy and lose their homes because Canada wants to cut its own nose off its face. The Harper government vilifies pipeline opponents as radicals bent on undermining the national interest, while environmentalists paint the Prime Minister as public enemy No. **** This new study estimated that 41.8-173.4 million tons of CO2 were lost for conversion of 412,774 acres (167,044 ha). I told her the Conservative Party. Residents of coastal Maine speak out against the dangerous transport of Canada’s tar sands oil through U.S. waters. Tar sands oil mining causes more carbon pollution than previously estimated – according to a new study. Others are pushing the president to approve the pipeline, saying that the environmental impacts of the oil sands are overstated, and that they don’t outweigh the economic benefits.

But is that what the research said. For more than a decade, NRDC has worked with indigenous communities in Alberta, U.S.-based grassroots groups, and intergovernmental bodies to halt the expansion of dirty tar sands oil. Forget Suncor Energy (TSX:SU): These Stocks Can Give You $4,500 Annually, How to Profit From the Market Crash: 2 Stocks to Trade in Short Term. That means: Comments that violate our community guidelines will be removed. But some local residents are still dissatisfied, since Baytex has not been forced to shut down its operations in the interim. I'm surprised and disappointed that your child was actually indoctrinated in that way at school. The Natural Resources Defense Council works to safeguard the earth - its people, I dare say my class made some pretty interesting observations at that time. Research by CHRIS BILTON / FOR ROB MAGAZINE, Interactive by CHRISTOPHER MANZA and LAURA BLENKINSOP / THE GLOBE AND MAIL, About 170 billion barrels of recoverable oil in the oil sands lies under the muskeg of Northern Alberta. Obviously one more reason to teach our children to think rationally and analytically. Just Released! When compared to the average crude oil processed in the United States, greenhouse gas emissions from the Alberta oil sands are approximately five to 15 per cent higher because the oil … Welcome to The Globe and Mail’s comment community.

Ironically, this will fulfill the United Conservative Party’s contention that Albertan public schools are being radicalized by extremist ideologies – which is how most of Canada views UCP’s obsessively pro-oil ravings. –ZayWhat. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to

One might even say it’s fair and balanced. Now the oil industry wants to take over the education system. At the same time, the tar sands industry has plans for even greater expansion. As a Saskatchewan resident with a long history of friends and family in the oil patch, I come at this topic knowing what’s at stake for Alberta and Saskatchewan, as Canadians try to tackle the problems around fossil fuel use and climate change. The Arab oil embargo of 1973 drove up world oil prices and breathed life into the capital-intensive tar sands. But the industry tends to overstate the benefits for the rest of the country, says Matthew Mendelsohn, director of the Mowat Centre, a Toronto-based think tank. Under the Great Lakes, Meet Jane Kleeb: One of Nebraska’s First and Fiercest KXL Opponents, A Rubber Stamp on Keystone XL?

Some information in it may no longer be current. Both of these impacts are significant according to this new study. They’re smart enough to listen and understand, and decide. The bid to produce commercial grade oil from the tarry bitumen that seeped through the muskeg of Northern Alberta was dubbed the “biggest gamble in history.” It was unlike any oil production that had been done–using massive mining and manufacturing machinery rather than the drilling rigs that coaxed crude from the ground in Texas and Saudi Arabia. FYI, I am pro-Paris Agreement. “The growth in the oil sands has created some opportunities in Ontario and elsewhere,” says Mendelsohn, a former deputy minister in Ontario. A new scientific study –  Oil sands mining and reclamation cause massive loss of peatland – published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has found that previous estimates of the damage from tar sands have significantly underestimated the impact. Imperial Oil (TSX: IMO)(NYSE: IMO) may be best known for its Esso gas stations, but it is also one of the oil sands’ top producers. With this expansion the amount of carbon lost could increase to 119-493 million tons of CO2, using similar factors. Expanded studies would need to look at the exact make-up of the expanded land area (e.g., does it have the same type of vegetation and carbon storage) and the carbon differential between the existing forest and the reclamation plans.

You'll receive your first NRDC action alert and update email soon. They have a right to a childhood free from politics. So further expansion of open-pit mining could lead to even greater carbon losses and decreased sequestration. Supporters tend to exaggerate the economic benefits of the oil sands outside Alberta’s borders. But some economists still argue that the rapid rise in the Canadian dollar between 2003 and 2008–and again after a recessionary slump in 2009–reflect the country’s status as a “petro currency.” The oil-fuelled increase in the loonie undermined the export-oriented manufacturing sector centred in Ontario and Quebec, argue Bank of America economists Emanuella Enenajor and Ian Gordon in a recent report titled “Canada’s Dutch Disease.”, It’s been an ongoing debate: In 2012, then Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney rejected the Dutch disease argument as “overly simplistic,” arguing rising commodity prices benefit the Canadian economy and that the higher dollar was only partly responsible for the decline in manufacturing. We will keep you informed with the latest alerts and progress reports. Better kids learn about it as early as possible. A recent report from one of Canada's more prominent climate scientists seemed to suggest that maybe the Alberta oilsands won't be such a big environmental bad guy. Building the Keystone XL pipeline would make expansion of tar sands oil mining possible as the tar sands operations are landlocked – they need a route to export the oil out of Alberta, Canada. Thanks for signing up. I did not think losing our democratic responsibility to be well-informed citizens was on the table. Parents absolutely must ask their children everyday, “What did you learn in school today”? My point is that kids can and should be involved in these types of issues/discussions. (Glenbow Archives), Before mining begins at Suncor’s Fort Hills facility, swaths of forest are stripped away to reveal the bitumen-laced ground below. Did no permanent damage and taught me not to accept positions at face value. There are current barriers that make exporting tar sands to overseas markets impossible in the near term and highly unlikely over the medium- to long-term without Keystone XL. Tar sands oil is some of the dirtiest oil in the world.

The teacher showed a PETA video on how beef is “murder."

Pressure will grow for Canada to table a national emissions-reduction strategy as countries work to achieve an international agreement at a United Nations-sponsored climate summit in Paris next year. I think it’s good for kids to hear strong opinions.

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