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Theology and the economic theory of the consumer. J Econ His 18(4):418–434, Weber M (1972) Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft: Grundriss d. verstehenden Soziologie. Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips. Bus Ethics Quart 7(2):83–107, Vereecke L (1986) De Guillaume d’Ockham à saint Alphonse de Liguori: études d’histoire de la théologie morale moderne, 1300–1787. He was cited before the pontifical Court at Avignon in 1328, but managed to escape and join John of Jandun and Marsilius of Padua, who had taken refuge at the Court of Louis of Bavaria.
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The over-refined subtleties of discussion among the Scholastics themselves, the multiplication of “formalities” by the followers of Scotus, the undue importance attached by some of the Thomists to their interpretation of the intentional species, and the introduction of the abstruse system of terminology which exceeded the bounds of good taste and moderation—all these indicated that the period of decay of Scholasticism had set in. He has, indeed, been called “the first Protestant”. J Religious Ethics 29(3):401–423, © Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2013, Handbook of the Philosophical Foundations of Business Ethics, http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/aquinas-moral-political/, Global Ethic Institute Academic Director of The Humanistic Management Center, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-94-007-1494-6_83, Reference Module Humanities and Social Sciences.

At an early age he entered the Order of St. Francis. Harper & Row, New York, Lottin O (1948) Syndérèse et conscience aux XII, MacIntyre AC (1999) Dependent rational animals: why human beings need the virtues. William’s best known contribution to Scholastic philosophy is his theory of universals, which is a modified form of Nominalism, more closely allied to Conceptualism than to Nominalism of the extreme type. Cite as. The universal is the object of abstractive knowledge. In 1323 he resigned his chair at the university in order to devote himself to ecclesiastical politics. by: DSantha Stage: Revises1 Chapter No. In the wake of contemporary turns to externalist theories of mind and language, historians of philosophy have re-evaluated philosophical theories of linguistic content from the past.

J Bus Ethics 85:25–37, Ockham W (1998) Ockham’s theory of terms: part I of the Summa logicae. During this portion of his career he composed his works on Aristotelean physics and on logic. Not affiliated Aristotle on wealth and well-being. Catholic University of America Press, Washington, Schumpeter JA (1954) History of economic analysis. Sheed and Ward, New York, pp 239–260, Schumacher L (1949) The philosophy of the equitable distribution of wealth. J Bus Ethics 67(2):125–137, Kohls J, Christensen SL (2002) The business responsibility for wealth distribution in a globalized political-economy: merging moral economics and catholic social teaching. On this basis, he develops a rich economic ethics that spells out how business should be informed by virtues and conducted in the light of the idea of social justice. Oxford University Press, New York, Sison AG (2003) The moral capital of leaders: why virtue matters. Irrespective of the requisite specifications that context and circumstance demand, he defends the general orientation of business and the economy toward human well-being and dignity as of global reach and universal validity. Since the human being flourishes through virtuous living and strives to flourish, virtues are just as much of relevance to business as they are to every other sphere of human conduct. Instead, they are fundamental in order to understand central human motivation behind the production and exchange of goods.

In: Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy.

In philosophy William advocated a reform of Scholasticism both in method and in content. Continuum, London/New York, Dewan L (2008) Wisdom, law, and virtue: essays in Thomistic ethics. J Bus Ethics 70(1):39–60, O’Brien T (2009) Reconsidering the common good in a business context. : 83 Title Name: HbPH. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge/New York, Knights D, O’Leary M (2006) Leadership, ethics and responsibility to the other. If Ockham is a semantic externalist, then Thomas Aquinas (1225–74)—and a host of philosophers before him—ought to be characterized as ‘hyper-externalists’.

Miscellanea Mediaevalia 22. It was to Louis that he made the boastful offer, “Tu me defendas gladio; ego te defendam calamo”.

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